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First Aid Beauty Skin Care to Combat Melasma “the Mask of Pregnancy”

Pictures and reviews of First Aid Beauty triple protection spf face tint and resurfacing non-toxic skin care for sensitive skin to help combat melasma, "the mask of pregnancy"

I’ve been a devotee of First Aid Beauty products since I first tried their paraben-free and fragrance free Ultra Repair Cream years ago. (I’ve been using it on my belly throughout pregnancy). I haven’t fell in love with all of their new products like their color cushion, but I still continue to try them.

This month’s Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine reminded me melasma is often known as the “mask of pregnancy”. I’ve been dealing with melasma, dark spots and hyperpigmentation for over 10 years now, so I try to caution people that you can absolutely get melasma outside of pregnancy. But of course during this pregnancy, I’ve been focused on at least not letting my melasma get worse.

I’ve been using lots of different skin care products throughout my pregnancy to prevent my melasma from worsening, here are my reviews of a few products you might like, especially if you have sensitive skin.

First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint Review

This new kid on the block seems at first similar to Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint . SPF is vitally important to protect my skin with my melasma and vitiligo, so I jumped at the chance to try this First Aid Beauty SPF product. I love that this product isn’t really scented unlike FAB’s color cushion. It also contains astaxanthin which I love in my Maya Chia oil. And non-nano zinc oxide is my preferred SPF.

The coverage however is soooo light, and I don’t find that it builds enough. It achieves a perfect no-makeup look, but that’s not enough makeup for me. The coverage is not nearly enough to help coverage my dark spots and melasma. It makes a fine primer though under other makeup, but I have other natural sunscreens I apply underneath my makeup anyway. It’s definitely worth a try and a more natural alternative to the Glossier tint, especially if you don’t need too much color coverage and you have sensitive skin.

First Aid Beauty Resurfacing Liquid with 10% AHA Review

I definitely had to try this newer exfoliator, especially since I’ve been trying not to use BHAs in my pregnancy skin care routine. This glycolic and lactic acid exfoliating and resurfacing treatment with licorice root and lemon peel is very light weight and suitable for sensitive skin – it doesn’t sting like Ole Henriksen overnight treatment/night transformation gel. But maybe because it’s so gentle, I can’t tell that it’s working and it doesn’t wow me. But again, if you have sensitive skin, First Aid Beauty should be one of your go-to skin care lines.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Review

These very popular exfoliating facial pads are similar to the resurfacing liquid (also with feverfew…whatever that is) but in pad form. I these rough pads have a strong scent. These actually do sting a bit more. I’m almost done with my set of these exfoliating pads, but I’m not wowed enough to buy more.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Serum Review

I picked up this now discontinued radiance and brightening serum at First Aid Beauty’s black friday/cyberweek sale last year. I’m guessing it was discontinued to make way for the newer First Aid Beauty resurfacing liquid, but they are actually very different textures. I like to use this radiance serum on my face in the mornings after washing and before sunscreen. This anti-aging and skin protecting serums packs a bunch with licorice root (sensing a FAB pattern here…) , Vitamin C and a gentle brighting agent, Chromabright. I’m using so many brightening products now though, it’s difficult to tell how this works well compared to other products, but I am disappointed it is discontinued.

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