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Native Rosé Deodorant and Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Mimosa Balm: The Scents of Summer

Native natural deodorant Rosé and Cucumber Mint aluminum free natural deodorant and Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Mimosa moisturizing balm concentrate picture and reviews with Sugarfina champagne bubbles

It may be September, but it will still feel like summer for quite a few months here in San Diego! (Today is soooooo hot – I think its the hottest day this year?) I still have at least a few more weeks/months of not drinking and I’d be lying if I weren’t sad about missing the summer of Frosé

But I’ve also amassed a decent collection of cocktail inspired beauty products this summer.

Sugarfina Champagne Bubbles Review

Ok so obviously not a a beauty product but these Sugarfina gummies are delicious! We try very hard to eat healthier snacks but we get a little hooked on Sugarfina. Last year my company gave us Sugarfina Dom Pérignon champagne gummy bears as a 20th anniversary celebration. My husband is a huge fan of gummy candy so I brought them home. I was only able to eat 2 before he had eaten all of them. Unfortunately, Sugarfina sold out of them that very week! Since then my husband has sampled just about all flavors of Sugarfina. We do a lot of online gifting from as well and there are a few stores around town that keep these sweet treats in stock. Out of the Champagne bears, Rose bears and flowers, these Champagne Bubbles are my favorite. I am still counting down until I can have my Wilson Creek almond flavored sparkling wine again. 

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Bodhi Citrus Mimosa Balm Concentrate Review

I received this mimosa inspired moisturizing balm from my last Art of Organics monthly beauty box (more on that later). I really like Wabi-Sabi Botanical’s Amida essence (and I think it has helped with my dark spots and melasma), but I thought this Bodhi balm was just OK. The skin-melting balmy texture is actually great – really nice use of cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil. But the scent is too much for me (I know, not surprising). Truly though the mixture of citrus oils and waxes and “mimosa absolute” too easily turns into a sour smell.

Native Seasonal Deodorant Reviews: Rosé Scent and Cucumber & Mint

As we know I’m obsessed with natural deodorants and Native deodorants have been some of my favorites this year. There original versions were so crisp, natural and clean. Native captured the essence of Rosé perfectly in their Rosé deodorant. It’s a delicious scent, but still “fragrance” nonetheless. And throughout the day, it lingers a little too long as most added fragrances too. It’s not terrible, but still lingers, which is difficult for us scensitive folks.

I bought the Cucumber & Mint scent because I was really missing mojitos (my drink of choice when I lived in Charleston, South Carolina). This is more cucumbery than minty. The “cucumber mint extract” definitely takes over the scent palate of the spearmint extract, geranium and bitter orange. Overall, cucumber scents are hard to make natural. Every one I try is a little too fake smelling and lingers too long like Yes to Cucumbers natural sunscreen.

Overall I would recommend the Grapefruit & Bergamot and Lavendar & Rose Native brand deodorants the best.






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