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Original Sprout Natural Shampoo Review

picture of original sprout natural shampoo and ingredients

When we moved into our house a few years ago, I swore we would have a “chemical-free” house. It was harder than I realized, mostly because we haven’t found a better dishwasher detergent than Cascade complete platinum.

I at least decided we were going to overhaul things (even more than we had!) that we used most often. This meant even more natural shampoo.

The first we tried was Hugo Naturals Smoothing and Defining Shampoo in Coconut. That was a rough transition – we learned quickly that we had to say goodbye to lather. Let me rephrase that: I learned quickly. My husband didn’t notice. He did notice 2 months in that his hair texture had become much dryer and his hair felt funny.

It was a flop for us and we’ve been working through a few different natural shampoos over the years.

Original Sprout – Worry-Free Luxury – Natural Shampoo Review

This is one of the latest natural shampoos we have tried.

picture of original sprout natural shampoo and ingredients

Original Sprout natural shampoo. It sure has a very strong scent for being “natural”!. It was too much for me to handle.

My Original Sprout Natural Shampoo Review: 2/5 Stars

The Good:

  • “Free & Clean” of almost everything! No parabens, nanoparticles, petroleum oils, sulfates, soy, gluten etc
    • It also notes it is free of Lavender, Tea Tree, Propylene Glycol – maybe I should pay even more attention to those?
      • The bottle mentions “free of phytoestrogens lavender & tea tree”. I’m glad I’m “over” both of those scents because I don’t need any extra phytoestrogens in my life.

The Bad:

  • It leaves a weird film on the hair. I have read with other natural shampoos if you mix it with baking soda that may help. That’s too much work for me….
  • It has an incredibly strong “clean” fragrance. It’s distracting. This must be the “parfum with natural extracts” it lists in the ingredients.


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