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Summersalt Bathing Suits Review – What I’m Returning and What I’m Keeping

I'm just a mom, not a model, and this is my review of Summersalt bathing suits.

You might start seeing a few more reviews for me that aren’t related to thoughtful skincare and sensitive skin makeup routines ๐Ÿ™‚ . As a mom navigating life with a threenager, I’ve found over the past year I have other passions – including finding clothing I feel comfortable in.

Due to the pandemic, last year I hardly wore a swimsuit but this year both my and my little guy needed all new swimwear. We saved up and I tried a lot of brands – this is just one review of a few!

I have been meaning to try Summersalt clothing and swimwear for the last 18 months. They have been correctly targeting me through advertising on Instagram but I also liked what I’ve seen from accounts on Instagram (like Liz Adams) and from friends on their experiences.

This month I ordered one-piece swimsuit styles, a skirt, and a dress. My very sweet supportive husband likes me no matter how I look, but frankly, I still don’t feel like myself after I had my son. On my worst days, I feel like I’m in a stranger’s body going about my life. And on my best days, I look ago and I blame the difference between my pre and post-baby weight on my larger boobs. These are taking the most to get used to. Because also while I was pregnant the other year all shirts become shorter – did anyone else notice that ๐Ÿ™‚ ? So the past 3 years I’ve been focused mostly on finding shirts that aren’t a crop top but also not an ill-fitting “boob curtain” . Long-story-short, I thought I’d give one-pieces a try again.

I never imagined I’d share pictures and videos of myself wearing swimsuits on the internet or social media, but I think it’s so helpful to see unedited, non-models, women who can’t work out more than 30 minutes a day, not in a studio – showcase realistic looks of styles. Its not for the faint of hart – I look very different than the models I see on instagram!

Summersalt Sidestroke

This might be the most popular style you have seen. It’s chic but with enough top coverage and tons of colors. My friend Ashley on Instagram (another mom ๐Ÿ™‚ ) posted a great photo of her in it the other week and one of my sisters-in-law loves hers too! I didn’t try this one because I was nervous if I liked it I’d show up to the beach with my family looking matchy-matchy with my sister-in-law haha. But I’m also not sure who flattering the Sidestroke would be. After ordering a few other styles (not from Summersalt) the “toga look” as my husband calls it isn’t the most flattering for me, especially where the straight part cuts into my armpit (which btw feels huge now with my new assets…).

Summersalt Beach to Brunch Dress Review

I am KICKING myself for not ordering this last year! I feel so confident in this dress. It’s so cute but sophisticated. Last year they had the cutest colors – I so wish they made this in a few styles each other. This year the main color is a navy and cream color which is lovely, but I’m still going to be stalking this style and my size on Poshmark this year.

Speaking of sizes – normally I’m a medium, size 6 post-baby but the medium in this Beach to Brunch dress was too tight across the chest – I would have felt uncomfortable wearing it with a bra and not just as a coverup. So I upgraded to the large and I’m so happy. And its also a good reminder to not get hung up on sizing ๐Ÿ™‚

The material is different than what I expected but I like it. It’s somewhere between a woven and a knit (any other sewers out there?). It’s not really stretchy like bathing suit material. Overall I think I’m going to be wearing this a lot! $125 is not cheap but it’s a high-quality fit and versatile material.

Summersalt The Ruffle Backflip Swimsuit Review

I had high hopes for this style. I love ruffles and I think they are flattering on my arms (which I like hiding a bit because they aren’t as toned as I would like). This V-neck is fun but there are a few reasons I don’t think this is the most flattering look for me

  • This v-neck creates a flatting affect on my boobs which makes me look thicker as the tissue around them gets smooshed – Its like this swimsuit wants to hide them and there is no use in that haha
  • The color-blocking doesn’t hit my in the right place
  • Because I am short but have a longer torso so it doesn’t it at the small of my waist. AND the length is tight and uncomfortable for me.
Summersalt The Ruffle Oasis and Ruffle Backflip Bathing suits
I’ve tried on and reviewed several swimsuits from Summersalt including The Ruffle Oasis and Ruffle Backflip Bathing suits

Summersalt The Ruffle Oasis One-Piece Swimsuit Review

Again with these ruffles I just had to try it! I thought the dot print and color-blocking would be so cute. Firstly, the quality of the material is great. But again my torso is too long for these styles – too tight at the crotch and color-block lines not hitting in the right place. Also the straight across the top isn’t as flattering on me – I’m a 36D and this Oasis suit makes me look too broad at the top while again, flatting my boobs instead of enhancing my curves.

Summersalt The Short Beach to Brunch Wrap-Skirt Review

I was so excited to try this! I got the rainbow cheetah. I love the bold color but the material was similar that what I expected – I was hoping it would be swimsuit material. But it’s actually the same material as the dress. This skirt is cute and “fine” but for me, it would be better if were thicker material and a wider waistband to better tuck in my mom muffin-tops and little leftover belly pouch.

Summersalt The Ruffle Oasis and Short Beach to Brunch Wrap Skirt Review
Summersalt The Ruffle Oasis and Short Beach to Brunch Wrap Skirt Review

Why I Recommend Trying Summersalt Swimwear and Clothing

So I think of the 4 items I tried I’m only keeping one (or I replaced it with the correct sizing but I’d still try more pieces and support Summersalt again

  • This is the best swimsuit material I’ve ever tried. It’s stretchy but very supportive. I feel very sucked-in
  • I love their size-inclusivity, colors, and model choices for marketing. They showcase a range of colors and styles on different skin tones and body types. And I love that the little catalog in my order features a model that I believe has vitiligo (like me!).
  • Easy free returns

What Summersalt Could do Better

  • Swimsuits are hard to find a good fit. I feel bad ordering knowing I am returning. They do have a partnership with Nordstrom but they don’t carry many styles and they weren’t available at stores near me.
  • I wish they carried more long-torso onepiece swimsuit styles. They only carry a few and not in all of the colors. AND for example the long-torso sidestroke does not include the sewn in cups
  • I wish the bottoms were higher cut and just a slight bit sexier in the derriere ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I wish the Beach to Brunch Dress came in several colors! (Update – Now 2 more options!)

Albion Fit Swim Suits – is Albion Fit worth it?

Albion Fit is another premium swimwear line I tried this year (and not-surprisingly I found them via ads on Instagram). They have several great one-piece and two-piece styles.

Albion Fit vs Summersalt – the material is very different for both bathing suit brands. Summersalt is more stretchy whereas Albion Fit’s has a lining that doesn’t let these swimsuits give much. I feel very supported in Albion Fit, but also very smushed.

I was so excited to try their high-rise bikini bottom but honestly, it looked like a diaper on me ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides Sumemrsalt, I also tried Albion Fit, another premium bathing suit and swimwear line
Besides Sumemrsalt, I also tried Albion Fit, another premium bathing suit and swimwear line. I was excited to try their two-piece with a high rouched bottom

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