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Slow Beauty Love – Manasi 7 All Over Colour vs Ere Perez Carrot Colour Cream Blush

Slow Beauty Favorites - Manasi 7 All Over Color in Sanguinello with Ere Perez Harmony and Holy carrot colour - both are gorgeous green beauty mutli-use cream blushes and lip tints, although I wish they were in stick form.

I don’t want you to have to choose between these beautiful creamy color formulas. But I do think it’s helpful to compare and contrast for context and range. I saw some posts on Instagram this week basically forcing us to choose between buying organic produce or being “smart” an choosing a more environmental choice. I’m not into polarization. But I am into gorgeous colorful creamy makeup for my sensitive and dry skin.

I’m looking forward to getting into the details of these lovely colors, but some thoughts for makers as this year and pandemic intensifies

I’d love for thoughtful beauty brands to consider making cream blush and color in stick form rather than pots when we all need to be hyper-focused on clean hygiene”


I’m a mom on the move and trying to create frictionless experiences in all aspects of my life. I also caution my toddler every 5 minutes to not touch his face. Using face color from a pot makes life a bit more stressful right now. Other brands should look to Han Cosmetics lip and cheek tint – it’s even tiny enough to fit in any size purse.

Like many, I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety this year, and writing helps me self-soothe. Two posts in 2 days is impressive for me since i’m weeks behind on my editorial calendar. But it feels nice to finally finish my thoughts on these lovely colors that has been 3/4 written for weeks now 🙂

Manasi 7 Makeup Review – An Ambitously Slow Beauty Brand

I’ve been coveting Manasi 7’s All Over Colour formulas for over a year now. I first saw their bronzlighter Roseate on Instagram and have been longing to try this [hopefully] dreamy formula ever since. I’ve been working so hard in 2020 to want less and spend less. But when I try a new brand, I like to try more than one product. What’s a girl to do in an unstable economic time when she can’t get a $57 blush off her mind. But these All Over Colour beauty went from wish list to reality in May during a BeautyHabit sale where I also got Manasi 7 powder blush as a free gift with purchase.

This chic (I feel like I’m going to overuse that word a lot here) European brand is designed in Stockholm, Sweden by its founder Susanne Manasi and produced in Italy. And now I’m longing to go visit both destinations.

This is a modern green and organic beauty lover’s dream. I like to think of this indie brand as ambitiously slow beauty and definitely recommend you read their 7 guideposts for their brand and production process: method slow, promise: select, ingredients: pure, collection: natural, aesthetic: simple, product: symbiotic, mindset: contemporary.

Manasi 7 All Over Colour Packaging

The labeling is so chic just like their brand site. The silvery grey boxes are very sturdy and I’m looking forward to finding a purpose to reuse them. Right now my two-year old uses them for miniature dinosaur storage.

The containers themselves are a nice-feeling plastic (does that make sense). It seems to actually be a fully recycle (love that!) bioplastic . And the closure is a lid that almost feels magnetic? It’s hard to get off – in a good way – which may mean it will be hard to lose. And harder for my toddler to break into it. The little pots of color seem deep, but in reality, the container takes up more space than it seems and there is only .17 ounces of color cream for $57 USD. . So hopefully these will last quite a few months…..

Besides having an aesthetically beautiful – but certainly luxury – products, this thoughtful brand deserves space here on my mindful beauty guide for its dedication and transparency to its mission and sustainable practices. I haven’t seen this much readily-available information on a brand’s practices in a long time.

Manasi 7 Color Swatches, Selection and Texture

Besides the cost and my 2020 goals of buying less, it also took some time for me to buy these cream blushes because it was hard to guess what the real colors would look like ‘live’. Most of the photos I could find from the stores or the brand were brand swatch shots. I chose Etruscan because it seemed like a neutral rosy plummy pink. And I was torn between Densuke (named after an exotic black watermelon, I believe) and Sanguinello. Sanguinello seemed too intense but Densuke was out of stock so I chose the corally ‘blood orangeSanguinello.

In reality on my skin, Etruscan is lovely but much less pink or cool pink when applied, than pictured at ‘Antique rose’ is accurate as it looks in the jar but on my skin, it applies much more warmly than anyone would have guessed. And Sanguinello can be much more mellow than pictured.

Slow Beauty Swatches- Manasi 7 All Over Colour organic balm swatches in Sanguinello and Etruscan with Ere Perez Harmony and Holy carrot colour
Slow Beauty Swatches- Manasi 7 All Over Colour organic balm swatches in Sanguinello and Etruscan with Ere Perez Harmony and Holy carrot colour
Gorgeous product photography and rosy swatch of Etruscan from Manasi 7 website - All Over Color Cream Blush
Gorgeous product photography and rosy swatch of Etruscan from Manasi 7 website

From my experience, these colors have chamelean type qualities. They likely adapt well to different skin tones. And the intensity is buildable. But I’m actually wondering if because of the small bathes there can be significant color formulation nuances in each batch? Or maybe its just me that Etruscan is not as pink as the brand pictures?

Manasi 7 All Over Colour Texture and Blendability

Honestly, these colors blend best as cheek color. I haven’t been bold enough to try as eye color yet, but another color could actually work well for my dry eyes – maybe that will be my excuse to try Roseate :). They are fine on lips but you really have to work it in. The color can sit on top a bit if you don’t blend well with your fingers. These multi purpose cream colors are more balmy than creamy and Sanguinello is almost like a stain. What’s interesting is that it can stain my lips slightly bright pink.

Overall, I like these nurturing color formulas and the simple glam of the brand aesthetics, but I’m not sure if I will buy again until I see that they attempt to make these colors in stick form. I might try their skin enhancer foundation type formula before I try another color product. I’m so curious as to how it compares to Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer.

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot Review

I’ve been absolutely loving thing Australian beauty brand for the past 2 years. I’ve reviewed their brightening serum and Oat Milk Foundation as being favorites in their categories. These are very moisturizing glossy creams. On cheeks they blend in well and on lips they melt but maintain their gloss. I bought both Harmony – a chic muted neutral rose – and Holy, a deep berry in the past year from Beauty Heroes.

Their containers are slimmer than the Manasi 7 All Over Colour, despite containing more product at half the price – just $25 USD. I love that the pot itself is glass. It’s slim enough to slip into most of my purses – but the plastic top is not as durable as the Mansi 7 containers and one of them has already cracked.

While both brands include castor oil in their multi color creams, Ere Perez uses avocado oil, cocoa oil and carrot oil, unlike Manasi 7’s use of apricot oil, shea and of course beeswax to make it more balmy than the Ere Perez version.

Multi-functional beauty products can be hard to pull off well – and I think you’d be pleased with both brands.

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  • Carolyn M
    April 8, 2022 at 4:44 am

    Hello Maggie,
    I have 3 Manasi 7 All Over Colour Pots, which I also had to purchase from on line pictures. Etruscan was a very warm peach on me too, and Chamoisee ran orange-y as well. Only Manketti, the neutral brown nude was vaguely like the picture. I actually wrote to Manasi 7 to complain as these are so expensive. The response suggested it was my skin tone which warmed it so much. I am quite pale so it didn’t really make sense. The on line pictures of the shades are wonderful but they do not match the actual product.


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