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Ere Perez Favorites: Natural Anti-Aging Skincare and Melasma Makeup Guide

I'm a huge fan of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics!

Sorry for not sharing sooner, I’ve been absolutely in love with an Australian natural makeup and skincare line Ere Perez for about 10 months and I think these products have totally transformed my skin. I also started using kypris organic skincare around the same time. These green beauty products have definitely improved my melasma and hyperpigmentation!

Can a brand have both fantastic makeup and skincare? I think so! And can the products be affordable too? Somehow Ere Perez makes it all happen!

This natural makeup and skincare line has been growing deeper into United States clean beauty boutiques in the past year. I’m fortunate that Shop Good Co near me carries most of the line but Follain and The Detox Market sells many items too.

Each product has a featured, hero ingredients. Speaking of heroes: Beauty Heroes – my favorite clean beauty box – has a special discovery of Ere Perez right now – I think this is a sign it will make it to one of the monthly boxes soon too πŸ™‚

Ere Perez Natural Skincare and Makeup Guide

  • Quandong Green Booster Serum – Not to be hyperbolic and all but this green serum is fantastic and at only $37!!! This is such a steal of a clean beauty deal ! It’s like a green juice for your skin. This gorgeous emerald color elixir is so light but powerful! I use this day and night. This was definitely a top product I was using when I’ve seen amazon sun spots, dark spots and melasma improvements in the past year. This amazing little green bottle is packed full of skin loving ingredients like quandong – a desert plan with more Vitamin C than oranges!; Lactic acid (which traditionally hasn’t worked well for me) and hyaluronic acid (which I would bath in if I could).
  • Papaya SOS Marmalade – this is a really lovely golden-hued oil balm at a fantastic price. I’ve sampled this and my skin loved this but I found it too similar to my Maya Chia pressed serum so I haven’t bought it yet.

Ere Perez Natural Foundations and Concealers Reviews

  • Ere Perez Arnica Concealer – Honey – this is one powerful little pot of concealer. This is honestly my favorite clean beauty concealer. The arnica power has helped my eye circles and honestly the dark spots on my cheeks. It sounds like #skincareblashphemy to say but I like this concealer better than my beloved RMS Beauty Un-Coverup! There’s something about it that seems to lift the skin. I just convinced my friend to buy this over the RMS Beauty concealer because it made her under eyes look more fresh.
I'm a huge fan of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics!
My favorite Ere Perez products in my review of this fantastic skincare line. The Arnica concealer, Oat Milk Foundation and Green Booster Serums are fantastic for melasma.
  • Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation – Haze – I bought this after the oat milk foundation (see below) to see if it would make a good primer and help provide even more coverage. This is a very lightly pigmented foundation and I do find it to be a very elightweight tinted primer. If you are looking for stronger coverage however this product won’t be the best for you.
  • Ere Perez Oat milk foundation – Honey – O to the M to the G. I was hesitant to love this because it seemed like this product wouldn’t be the heavy hitting foundation that I needed. I’m used to needing a lot of coverage. Not only did this product provide great buildable, dewy coverage for my melasma but all of these thoughtful products have helped to improve my melasma and dark spots! I love the dewy finish of this product but you may prefer to set with a powder.
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#keepinitreal , tired 😴 mom eyes and all. No filters. Trying to be braver this year so here we go – no makeup (well except for πŸ’„ ). Still uncomfortable with the number of photos of myself I’ve posted this year but important to stay focused on the positive here on this #transformationtuesday ! … … … Things I miss about 2016 – Having the time to blow dry my hair. – My thinner face (hoping last of the baby weight will be off soon 🀞🏻) – Not having to color the grays in my hair Things I don’t miss about 2016 – Stressing out about covering my face with tons of makeup … … … Most days I can’t believe my clean beauty / green beauty experiments have worked so well to improve my #melasma ,#darkspots and #sunspots without aggravating my vitiligo #vitiligobeauty … … I’m trying to be better about keeping everyone updated on my tips and progress without hydroquinone or lasers. But never enough time in a day! … … So thankful for all the amazing #mindfulbeauty brands that have helped me see results! @truebotanicals @drunkelephant @mayachiabeauty @ereperezcosmetics @joshrosebrook @akt_therapy

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  • Natural Almond Brow Pencil – this universally flattering light brown shaded pencil is a fantastic little brow pencil that I even recommend for my blonde friends! I love the strength of this little pencil – not too soft and not to hard and it lasts on my brows for hours!
  • Ere Perez Mascaras – Stay tuned for my upcoming best of green beauty mascaras post. I’ve found the Ere Perez almond mascara to be very gentle but not impactful for me. Hoping to try their newer waterproof version soon and will report back πŸ™‚
I love Ere Perez natural australian skincare and makeup clean beauty products
My 3 top favorite products from natural Australian skincare brand Ere Perez are their Quandong Green Booster brightening serum, Oat Milk Foundation and Arnica Concealer. Check out my before and after video on YouTube!

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