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Beauty Heroes and Ayuna Beauty Review + New Makeup

My favorite NEW clean beauty skincare products of 2019! I'm obsessed with all of these green and organic beauty wonders - Maya Chia the Refresh Mint mask, RMS luminizing powder bronzer and amethyst luminizer and Ayuna the Facial from Beauty Heroes.

In my career fields we have lots of reviews with clients – weekly, monthly and of course Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR), 1H reviews, 2H reviews, semi-annual business reviews etc so I thought it would be fun to have a Mid Year Review of NEW clean beauty in 2019.

The Best of New Green, Organic and Clean Skincare in 2019

My absolute favorites of new releases (pretty much this year) and definitely new to me. Reminder for all: I have dehydrated skin with multiple pigmentation issues (dark spots, melasma and vitiligo) so my favorites are normally ones that treat these concerns.

  • Ayuna THE FACIAL review: okay so technically this was released in the last week of December but I’m going to count that as 2019 🙂 . One of my top favorite other bloggers in the space shared about it and I bought it from Beauty Heroes as a limited edition discovery when they had a special on both the low and high versions of The Facial. I’m obsessed with this liquid lotion. It’s more like a toner ? I use it after cleansing and before serums and my skin has never looked better.

Update: Can this actually compete with Biologique Recherche P50? More on that soon but Biologique Recherche and p50 is totally worth it!

And bonus for me since I belong to Beauty Heroes I got a second bottle of the Low Facial version in a monthly beauty box!

It’s honestly hard to describe except that its amazing and it works to gently balance and tone the texture of my skin daily. I believe gentle, daily resurfacing with this product has help to transform my skin and prepping it for other products allowing my melasma to stay very well controlled this year.

Ayuna says it best on there site : ” It’s not a serum, but it’s not really a toner either. It’s a colloidal system for daily use that exfoliates and balances all skin types. THE FACIAL is a powder-in-lotion formula that visibly transforms the skin by improving its look and feel. It refines the skin’s surface texture and leaves skin radiant and smooth. “

Let me put it another way: If you THINK you even just like The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution you will fall in love with The Facial by Ayuna and throw your precious The Ordinary toner out so quickly.

Ok more potential blasphemy: I like Ayuna’s the Facial better than Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. Yes they are different products inherantly but with the regular gentle action of The Facial it’s much butter at retexuring and helping with brightening and pigmentation than Drunk Elephant Framboos.

Maya Chia The Refresh Mint Review – Resurfacing Mint Moisture Mask

Where do I even begin? This is pure blue magic. I LOVE everything from this line but this is a true piece of work. Every time I use it (at least twice weekly!) my skin looks so bright and refreshed. My dehydrated skin starts the day off with a healthy glow with luster.

This wondrous refreshing mask made from acids, enzymes and hydrating ingredients is just sublime. I want to bathe in it (maybe that’s one of the updates Maya Chia made when they updated their lab 🙂 ) . Azelaic acid is supposed to be great for melasma! (more on that later 🙂 )

This mask is very cooling and instantly soothes skin even while it’s being very active at gently resurfacing my dehydrated, hyperpigmented skin. It’s texture is like a smooth creamy gel? Very easy to apply and doesn’t take long to try. I normally where this at night while I sleep actually.

Update: I’m so thrilled that a few months after purchasing this product I also got this amazing mask in my Beauty Heroes subscription! This is an amazing quality unique skinecare subscription box that I’ve been loving for years. And as a member you can save 15% off on your purchases! * (hi friends this is an affiliate code. I may get a discount on my boxes if you use this code and enjoy Beauty Heroes).

Best of New Clean and Organic Makeup 2019 Mid Year Review

RMS Beauty has so many gems but 2 new products this year have been my staples since February:

  • RMS Beauty Luminizing Powder in Madeira Bronzer: I wear a lot of natural sunscreen every dang day so my face is pretty pale – much paler than my a arms which oddly tan easily. So I’m always working to get a naturally looking fake glow with nontoxic ingredients. I’ve tried all the bronzers out there and this powder is my favorite!! It looks shimmery in the container but on your face it’s not too shimmery. It’s very warm looking in the container as well but blends in very easily

  • RMS Beauty Amethyst Rose Luminizer : this gorgeous lavender wonder was my Valentine’s day gift 🙂 . This is my absolutely favorite tint version of RMS beauty’s famed luminizer. I think this is the most neutral, and universally flattering shade too. I love Maya Chia skincare but honestly I would chose this highlighting wonder over their “Highlight of the Day” serums.

I want to hear about your favorites so far this year! Share them in the comments or on Instagram with me!

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