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W3ll People Organic Non-Toxic Cruelty-Free Makeup Review

w3ll people clean beauty non-toxic makeup review

This is my most long-overdue review. I feel like it was this time 2 years ago they couldn’t keep up with demand and I had to call and email them weekly to find out when W3ll People would restock their new Narcissist foundation stick formula 🙂 .

What do I love most about W3ll People clean beauty products? They are a fantastic clean beauty introductory brand with relative ease of accessibility (Whole Foods and Target) and great price points (as far as non-toxic makeup is concerned).

You’re probably reading this on your cell phone while you’re researching hyperpigmentation and melasma makeup or non-toxic makeup products so I’ll keep this guide short and sweet.

W3ll People Reviews – What sets W3ll People apart?

This thoughtful line is still made in small patches in the USA and they pioneered and accessible, clean “no makeup makeup” look. Think of them as the Glossier of clean and non-toxic makeup. This great line is made with most organic ingredients. Products are talc, phthalate and paraben-free.

W3ll People’s most overrated product: Expressionist Mascara

I’ve tried all of their mascaras – honestly in multiple colors (thank you Whole Foods annual beauty sale 🙂 ) but honestly these mascaras are very mediocre. They apply Ok but take forever to drive and smudge to easily. Definitely not worth it. They used to have an awesome purple color but it was too lackluster.

W3ll People’s Second Most Overrated Makeup: Bio Active Multi-Action Concealer

This is just a very very dull concealer. Does that make sense? It just…sits there, looking like its there. I tried several different shades but found them to be very lackluster.

W3ll People’s least memorial product: Hypnotist Eyeliner Pencil

Ehh ? Meh? Maybe it doesn’t deserve a ‘meh’. I honestly can’t remember anything I liked or didn’t like about it. So its too unmemorable to have an opinion on. Not worth it.

W3ll People’s Most Underrated Non-Toxic Makeup: Nudist Lip Butter

I loved these! Glad they brought them back in new packaging but wish they had all of the old colors. These are really nice subtle lip stains and balms. They also have a few new lip glosses and lipsticks now but they smell to minty which is a big turn off for me.

W3ll People’s Best Power Product: Narcissist Foundation Stick

This is a real sneak-attack makeup addiction product. At first it seemed immemorial but then after 2 uses I was in love. It looks unassuming at first but it creates the most interesting natural glow. There’s nothing particularly memorable in its ingredients (except what it doesn’t have). But there is just something about it.

It is very concentrated and creamy but you have to work very quickly to blend. Unfortunately the color selection is not good. I’m ‘fair golden’ – one of their newer shades. I always keep this melasma makeup wonder in rotation. It would be more helpful however if they had a greater color selection.

Even better this convenient organic foundation stick actually covers melasma and is only $28! And doesn’t contain irritating talc so my eyes are happy all day long 🙂

Other Popular W3ll People Organic Makeup Products

  • W3ll People Altruist Powder Foundation – I’ve heard others swear by this foundation but it didn’t provide enough coverage for me and I found the finish to be flat. I’ve also heard of others mixing it with moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer effect.
  • W3ll People Bio Brightener Invisible Powder – I used this setting powder for about a year. I like it but not enough to re-buy.
  • W3ll People Bio Bronzer Stick – this is a very convenient, universally flattering bronzer. It’s not my favorite but it is easy to stash in my purse or travel bags so overall a good tool to have
  • W3ll People Nudist Multi-Use Duo – this is a nice to have blush and highlighter combo. I wish the staying power was longer and there was more color options but overall this is a good starter non-toxic blush
  • W3ll People Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer: this might be ok if it didn’t smell like chalk and spit…yes that’s the most accurate description

Happy hunting! Let me know if you need more product advise

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