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Brand Spotlight : From Molly with Love Organic Beauty Review

From Molly with Love Vegan Cruelty Free Beauty Review

Yes it’s summer but I’m still working through my spring [beauty] cleaning and I re-found all of my collection of a very thoughtful local brand, From Molly with Love.

I love following Molly and her team as they share updates on Instagram. I also recommend signing up for their email lists for updates on new products and sales.

What I love most about From Molly with Love: thoughtful products at great introductory prices if you are making the switch to mindful, non-toxic beauty. Her products also make great gifts.

You can find her thoughtful skin care locally in San Diego, more stores nationwide and even on Amazon.

My From Molly with Love Favorites for Brightening – Melasma Skincare

Brightening and hyperpigmentation correction will always be my number 1 focus given my melasma (which has gotten so much better in the past year!) so naturally I gravitated towards Molly’s Glow Juice products. My skin can’t get enough of her Glow Juice Vitamin C Serum and Glow Juice Vitamin C Moisture Bomb. I tend to use that both after a nice mask at night. My skin just drinks up this glowy goodness!

Next on my list: I definitely can’t wait to try her Rosehip and Carrot Seed Serum! And Pro Repair Hyaluronic Acid Serum (obvi)

Other great non-toxic skincare options: her micellar water and cuticle oil. Great staples for any green beauty vanity 🙂

From Molly with Love Probiotic Natural Deodorant

I’ve tried sooooooooooooooo many natural deodorants. I think literally 50? At least 30? I’m totally losing track. So Molly’s is on of the latest ones I tried and it’s quite lovely. I personally would prefer a little less blood orange oil.

From Molly with Love Vegan Cruelty Free Skin Care for Melasma Treatment Routine
Featuring From Molly with Love in one of my favorite nighttime melasma treatment skincare routines

From Molly with Love Healthy Home Habits

Before I started smudging I started using her White Smudge Spray – this is a lot easier than smudging with actual sage. We stopped using artificial fragrances in our house about 6 years ago so we rely on natural scents (if we use them) and open windows.

We keep a fairly clean and green home and non-artificially scented cleaning products that work can be hard to come by, so I try every one I can get my hands on. I’m a big fan of her Sun Salute spray. Great for its intended purpose – yoga mat cleaning – and refreshing other surfaces in our house. Very important to have non-toxic cleansers around when you have a toddler 🙂

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