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Laia Skincare Review – Organic Botanicals for Sensitive Skin

Samples from Laia Organic Skin Care - the "December" winter facial balm and "Morning Dew" moisture concentrate are my favorites.

Instagram is so great for discovering new beauty lines! I was so excited to hear about Laia Skincare – a new skin care line that uses organic ingredients but not scents! It seems to me that a lot of people – and companies – assume that if something is made from organic ingredients that is automatically 100% good for you and non-irritating, but I find that is not the case over and over again.

It’s so refreshing to find a skin care line that understands fragrances – even essential oils – are irritating and can be stressful to those of us with sensitive skin and scent sensitivity.

Everyone seems to be on the essential oil train right now – I’m glad if many people can find comfort and calm and relaxation in those scents, but even essential oils can be very strong, offensive and irritating. It’s nice to find a company that gets it (gets me đŸ™‚ ).

Laia Skincare is offering great, free sample kits right now! Mine just came the other day and I’ve had fun testing the formulas out.

Laia Skincare “Morning Dew” Review

This “multitasking moisture concentrate” is in fact quite dewy. It melts quickly and feels very clean. It leaves behind a wet moisturizing layer similar to Precious Skin Elixers 24 Karat gold luxe restorative balm. Laia Skincare’s products don’t contain preservatives and I think i’m definitely feeling the difference with these products vs others that may also be from natural ingredients. I’m think this could work great all over the body – it could be great to use in place of lotion or body oil on your arms and legs.

Laia Skincare “December” Winter Facial Balm Review

I tend to have very dry skin so I’m drawn to any “balm” products or beauty products that are especially good for winter time – I use them all year long! This December winter facial balm is similar to the Morning Dew but more dense and buttery  due to the organic mango butter. I like using this at night but this could still work for the day time I think – just leave a little extra time before applying makeup.

Laia Skincare “Blossom” Toning Hydrosol

This is a very small sample so it’s hard to discern the full effects but overall I like the clean, fresh formula and would definitely consider buying this – perhaps if they made a smaller size. I love luxury products but $90 for 4oz of this seems a bit above market. It’s not drying like a lot of toners with witch hazel – it’s more like a floral essence.

Laia Skincare “The Four Seasons” Cleansing Oil Review

Generally I like using oils for cleansing because they never leave my dry, sensitive skin feeling parched. It uses classic oils like jojoba oil and grapeseed oil, but also has perilla seed oil which I don’t think I’ve heard of before. I like it and found it effective enough but need to test it more to see how it compares to my other oil cleansers.

Laia Skincare Facial Serums Review – “For An Autumn” and “For A Winter”

They were so nice and sent me two samples of the serums when I explained my skin type. These are both very similar in organic oil ingredients, with the “For a Winter” containing the addition of baobab seed oil. I’m not sure I’m ready to make a recommendation between one or the other. (Update: The “For an Autumn” now also contains organic chia seed oil).


Overall I’m so excited there is another beauty player in the space that not only values organic ingredients but also understands sensitive skin and scent sensitivities. You should follow them on instagram @laia.skincare and visit themonline at


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