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Magnesium Deodorant – Natural Deodorant Review

Pictures of natural magnesium deodorants review

Can you think of a conventional-to-natural product transition that is more difficult than deodorants? I can’t!

Mostly because I want not just a natural deodorant but one that does a decent job keeping me dry.

Finding a great, more natural deodorant has been an important journey for me because:

  1. Deodorant is something most people use every day. If it’s something I use frequently I like to use a more natural form of something.
  2. It’s applied to the vulnerable under-arm area – filled with glands and lymph nodes. I’d like to keep this area healthy and free from chemicals.

I’ve lived in some HOT parts of the United States. In my part of SoCal however, most days I don’t break a sweat while just walking outside so antiperspirant is luckily, naturally less important for me here.

Both of these deodorants are magnesium oil and aloe based. This also attracted me to them because I had read the book Magnesium Miracle at a friend’s suggestion. If you are into that sort of thing and that line of thinking, magnesium is super-duper important to…everything apparently…we are all lacking it and absorbing magnesium oil is a great way to get more magnesium. Nasanta Magnesium deodorant is the first of these types of natural deodorants I have tried and I bought it on

Pictures of natural magnesium deodorants review

Skin2Spirit and Nasanta Natural Magnesium Deodorant Reviews

My Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant Review: 2/5 stars

The Good:

  • Not sticky?
  • Some health benefits from magnesium?

The Not-So-Good:

  • This natural magnesium deodorant only lasts about 3 hours. I keep it as an emergency backup deodorant in my gym bag, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

In my opinion, Skin2Spirit Sea Spray Non-Toxic natural deodorant doesn’t deserve a review. It is completely ineffective. Please don’t buy this on Amazon. And whatever you do, please don’t by the Lavender scented version of this natural deodorant unless you purposely want to smell like b.o. It is the worst scent combination ever.

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