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Lawless Makeup Sephora Foundation Review – Woke Up Like This

My review of Annie Lawless' Woke Up Like This Clean Foundation Review

Here’s my long overdue review for you 🙂 of Annie Lawless (of Suja juice fame) “Woke Up Like This” foundation review!

If you’ve gone to Whole Foods Market, you’ve probably seen Suja Juice. Love it when Socal and San Diego companies make it big! The blonde California boss babe Lawless launched some hit natural liquid lipsticks the other year and last summer she launched her first foundation series.

I had been eyeing her liquid lipsticks for a while but I couldn’t quite find the right color for me (I’m still intrigued by ‘Brad’) and I wasn’t sure I would like how scenty the liquid lipsticks were. But I jumped at the chance to try her new 2018 foundation.

Every clean and green beauty product I review is from my point of view of managing melasma and hyperpigmentation for over a decade (with the contrasting problem of vitiligo too!) so I care a lot about coverage and ingredient toxicity and I try to find the best products that balance both.

Why you will love this Annie Lawless makeup foundation:

  • Great performance! If you love NARS or MAC and are looking to make the switch to the clean side 🙂 you will love the coverage and natural finish of this liquid foundation.
  • It doesn’t last as long as conventional makeup but its one of the longest lasting natural ingredient foundations I have found!
  • Pretty Good Ingredients – it’s earned Sephora’s Clean at Sephora Designation which means its free of many potentially toxic ingredients! : Parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, comedogenic ingredients polyethylene/PEGs, talc, BHA, BHT, fragrance/parfum, benzene, lead, oxybenzone, aminophenol, mineral oil, butylene glycol, methyl, octinoxate, carbon black, chromium, siloxanes, arsenic, aluminum, and petroleum
  • Decent color selection from an indie brand
  • Easy dispensing pump in glass container

What I would change about Annie Lawless’ Woke Up Like This Foundation

  • The fruity scent: it’s overwhelming. I’m so surprised naturally sourced fruit oils can smell so strong. It’s very off-putting.
  • It oxidizes and tints a bit orange after 30 minutes or so. Factor this into your color matching!
  • Wish they had more colors to chose from.
  • I wish it were thinner actually so it would be more blendible and buildable.

I’m in one of those weird places in life where I’ve actually achieved a big goal: I wanted to be able to wear less makeup; to have my melasma clear to such an extent that less makeup is needed and I’m there! So I’m used to wearing less foundation now. I’ll share more sooner about other, thinner foundations I’ve been wearing that are also highly effective.

What’s your favorite clean beauty foundation?

YouTube video review below!

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