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Drunk Elephant Retinol Review – Is A-Passioni Worth It?

So first I need to clarify I’m pretty much a retinol newbie. I’ve been trying more natural forms of Vitamin A like Mad Hippie. And then obvi I’m 100% in love with Kypris Moonlight Catalyst with its natural retinoid-type properties. So Drunk Elephant retinol is the first true retinol I’ve tried.

Ok so to clarify a few more things (I know it feels like I’m stalling…) I can’t get enough of trying every great Drunk Elephant clean skincare product. Most are true winners except for the Lippe which felt like a dud to me personally.

What makes Drunk Elephant skincare so great?

In short: I can trust this science-based skincare line won’t include fragrance or scents which is a huge deal to me.

So anyway I decided I would start dipping my pinky toe into more powerful anti-aging skincare now that I’m no longer breastfeading. This new Drunk Elephant retinol option seemed like it was a sign from the universe that it was time?

I gave it a solid try for 6 weeks, following their directions and frequently mixing it with B-Hydra.

My Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Results: Not stellar, unfortunately 🙁

  • Some peeling which I knew could happen. Didn’t bother me too much though.
  • No lightening of dark spots of melasma.
  • No major positive change to my skin.
  • An additional dark spot appear on my upper lip 🙁 (uggghhhhh)
  • No changes in my mini wrinkle frown lines or “stress” wrinkles on my forehead.

Am I just doing this whole retinol thing ? Did I start it too early in my life? (is that even a thing? is that totally rude to say?) Did I not do it for long enough?

I know 6 weeks may sound like a short time but I normally know if a clean or green beauty product will work well for me within a month like my beloved Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial.

I will say my skin felt soft, I did not get patchy red spots and it felt very soothing on application. But I didn’t notice an overall change in texture either.

I will absolutely continue to try Drunk Elephant products and support this awesome cruelty-free brand but A-Passioni wasn’t a winner in my book. Maybe I just did it wrong? I would love your advice for retinol newbies!

If you’re less concerned about wrinkles, but more concerned with healing sun spots, dark spots, and melasma, check out my guide to hyperpigmentation healing for every budget!

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