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Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Review + Tata Harper and Ole Henriksen Radical Resurfacers

Pictures and my reviews of awesome AHA and BHA resurfacers: My favorite is Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial then Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask followed by Ole Henriksen invigorating night treatment.

Jan 2020 Update: Drunk Elephant Babyfacial is still one of my top recommended treatments for melasma. It’s in my quick results guide and also top of my melasma / hyperpigmentation guide for every budget.

I’m constantly trying new products to help improve my uneven skin tone, melasma and hyperpigmentation / dark spots. Alpha or Beta hydroxy acid resurfacing treatments have been a part of my weekly routine for years. These have varying scents to them but they are all paraben-free exfoliating masks and treatments.  These are the ones I’ve used most often and my new favorite: Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial.

Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment Overnight Resurfacer Review

I switched to this Ole Henriksen resurfacing treatment after using Juice Beauty Green Apple peel for sensitive skin for a few years. That product was fine, but I was ready to try something new and try more Ole Henriksen products. It’s claim to fame: 12 sources of alpha-hydroxy acids. It’s also supposed to be non-irritating. It’s green in the bottle – due to the algae and aloe I suppose – but it is translucent on the skin.

It’s actually gentle enough to be used nightly and they recommend applying moisturizer or clean after you apply the invigorating night treatment. It does have parfum listed as an ingredient, but this is actually less scenty than the Tata Harper resurfacing mask. It has a similar – but more mild – almost apple cider vinegar / acidic scent like the Juice Beauty green apple peel. Surprisingly this added fragrance is not as irritating as the Tata Harper essential oil blend. When I wake up my skin is very smooth. So I’m going to assume it does “accelerate cell turnover”. Does it make me look younger? Hard to say – I’ve always had a baby face. I think a lot of people who are prone to acne also use this.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Review

This resurfacing mask was actually my first Tata Harper beauty product. My first instincts about this Tata Harper mask have hold true for her other products I own: this feels clean and natural but woah this is an intense scent for something without artificial fragrance! It has mostly organic ingredients but time again for me, organic is not enough. And the scent in this product may not be artificial but it is still very strong. It’s the “clinical grade essential oils” “aroma” ingredient. I understand essential oils can help some people and it’s a very hot multi-level-marketing community that can provide extra income for families, but wow – for some of us – most essential oils are intolerable.

This mostly organic ingredients resurfacing and exfoliating mask uses natural beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) and has a thick, jelly-like texture. It stings a tiny bit when first applied – I’ve considered that a good thing? In the jar I found it turned a darker color after about a month or two. Overall it is translucent though – so I was surprised that it lists kaolin pink clay as an ingredient. When I use it, I leave it on for 30 minutes. It leaves a tight thin layer on the skin that easily washes off, revealing super smooth skin.

This doesn’t appear to have many similar ingredients to the Ole Henriksen overnight resurfacing treatment, but they feel very similar to me, and you would not need both.

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Review (TLC Sukari)

Holy Moly. I’ve been loving this brand in 2017 for there non-toxic commitment to no fragrances and quality but effective ingredients, and this alpha-hydroxy acid and beta-hydroxy acid mask is no exception. The texture is soothing actually – more similar to my First Aid Beauty oatmeal mask than to the Tata Harper or Ole Henriksen resurfacers. You can definitely feel the 25% AHA and 2% BHA in under a minute – this mask does more than just tingle – it stings! But hang in there it only stings the first few minutes. It’s so great that they understand how irritating fragrant essential oils can be – because of this I will continue to try everyone one of their products! I got mine at Sephora (where I tend to get most products where I can do benefit from my VIB Rouge status).

All of these masks and treatments leave my face feeling soft, but the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial mask takes the cake – I don’t think my face has ever felt softer. It’s also cruelty-free. If you have to buy just one resurfacing and exfoliating mask, I highly recommend the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial.

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