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Tata Harper Brightening & Illuminating Organic Skin Care Review

Pictures and reviews of Tata Harper organic skin care - Allure award winning resurfacing mask and illuminating eye cream and moisturizer to fight dark circles and dark spots

Holiday parties are filled with bright decorations and sparkling outfits and jewelry – from what I can remember šŸ™‚ We aren’t making it out too much these days with a new little one. But don’t forget to show off your joy and radiance in your skin! I focus a lot on skincare treatments for hyperpigmentation, dark spots and melasma, but if you are fortunate enough to not have these skin maladies (#blessyou), you can still benefit from brightening treatments!

I appreciate Tata Harper’s commitment to organic, botanical ingredients. I first bought Tata’s products through Sephora, but her entire collection is not available there. These are fresh from the farm luxury skincare products – so fresh and flowery you can smell it (which can actually be an issue for my scentsitive nature :/). If you love herbal and flowery scents and you love a good oil cleanser, you may love Tata Harper nourishing oil cleanser, but it was too scent intense for me.

My favorite thing about this organic beauty brand is it’s minis and value sets! There are plenty of opportunities to try smaller versions of most Tata Harper products so you can discover the right product and regime for your skin.

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum Review

I had high hopes for this product since it has great reviews, but I also couldn’t afford to shell out over $200 for a serum that would be so (albeit, naturally) scented that it would make me sick. Unfortunately, this isn’t a product sold at Sephora so I couldn’t get a sample there. I actually got a great sample from Space NK in Bloomingdales while I was buying some Juice Beauty Blush. Later – to make sure I wasn’t haven’t a batch related sentsitivity – I bought another sample from Citrine Beauty.

This Vermont made and packaged dark spot and hyperpigmentation serum uses the brightening power bark extracts, sea fern, sea kelp in addition to rapeseed and flowers. I gave it 2 honest tries for several weeks. I understand that some brands suggest it may take 2 bottles worth of a serum to see results, but I’m impatient and in my experience if something is going to work for me, I will notice at least a little improvement immediately.

Even though this only has natural fragrance from the ingredients, this may be one of the most fragrant products I have ever tried. It’s too overwhelmingly and irritatingly fragrant that I can’t fall asleep if I wear it at night. If it does require half or almost all the bottle to see results, I would never know because I’m too sensitive to the scent. If you are irritated by scents, please proceed with caution.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Review

I’ve already reviewed this awesome BHA organic resurfacing face mask previously, but I can confirm I have repurchased this star Tata Harper product. I use it once or twice a week – it is more mild than Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial and better for sensitive skin. This Ecocert botanical face mask is also an Allure Best of Beauty Winner 2017. Willow bark (which seems to work well for me) exfoliates while a touch of clay helps to refine pores. This multi-tasking mask also makes a great gift! This mask is naturally botanical scented but the scent doesn’t last too long.

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence Review

Based on my experience with her concentrated brightening serum, I know my nose couldn’t afford for me to buy the full size brightening essence without trying it first. Citrine Beauty has great sample options. I really liked this AHA/BHA brightening toner and luckily is’t scent level is somewhere between Tata Harper’s brightening serum and her resurfacing mask. This feels similar to my WabiSabiĀ Amida illuminating floral essence. Once I empty my Amida, I plan on buying the full size Tata Harper concentrated brightening essence as it is more moisturizing.

Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Creme Review

A little goes a long way with this illuminating organic eye cream. I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines (yet!) so I can’t speak to improvements there, but this definitely helps banish dark circles and fights fatigue at least temporarily upon use. It is VERY shimmery and dries quickly. If you are looking for an eye cream with a creamy, dewy, nourishing feel, this is not the eye cream for you. However if you are looking for an illuminating, brightening quick fix and makeup compliment, you will love this eye cream.

The natural scent is still intense but I handle it since I just use a tiny bit. The price point is high but it lasts a LONG time. Did I mention you literally shine bright like a diamond with this organic eye treatment? It actually contains diamond radiance powder!

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer with Diamond Radiance Review

I really wanted to like this illuminating moisturizer. I’d say its more of a moisturizing highlighter than a creamy moisturizer (my preference). It is however much more nourishing and moisturizing than it’s sister eye creme. The color tint is also becomes slightly orange on my face which doesn’t work well with my skin tone. It does help to create a beautiful but very shimmery optical blur, and if the color was just slightly different I would use it more for sure. Like most Tata Harper products the scent is overwhelming to me, but if I mix this with another face cream I can tolerate it.

Swatches and reviews of Tata Harper natural and nontoxic skin care Illuminating eye creme and Illuminating moisturizer

Swatches of Tata Harper natural and nontoxic skin care Illuminating eye creme and Illuminating moisturizer


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