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Turmeric Skin Care for Dark Spots, Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Review and pictures of Cocovit besan and turmeric polishing grains exfoliator and Skin Owl brightening turmeric beauty bar
Reflecting back on my pregnancy skin care routine, I wanted to share some more products I used frequently when I was receiving compliments on my glowing skin during pregnancy.
I used both of the products frequently in the latter half of 2016 because they are so gentle and non-irritating. I was so surprised at the number of compliments I received on my skin during pregnancy because I was very tired and I was nervous my melasma would worsen.
I’m sure we’re all vaguely familiar with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric for the foods we eat, but I’m just starting to pay more attention to its benefits in skin care. It’s been getting some hype over the years for its ability to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and there have even been studies that show it’s impact on reducing wrinkles. And it seems revered in the Ayurvedic world.
Update: Have you ever tried “golden milk” / turmeric lattes?

Skin Owl Turmeric Beauty Bar Review

I’ve received several Skin Owl products over the past year and a half from Art of Organics and Beauty Heroes beauty subscription boxes. I was super intrigued to receive Skin Owl’s turmeric beauty bar in the March 2017 Art of Organics box.
I traditionally haven’t liked using face bars because, well, frankly it takes longer than a face wash đŸ™‚ and I just remembered bar soap made my skin dry. Skin Owl beauty bars however leave skin feeling very balanced. If you have very sensitive skin and are looking for a very gentle exfoliator, I recommend the Skin Owl Turmeric Beauty Bar. I love that this facial bar isn’t scented AND it also contains oats (I love nourishing oats in skin care).

Cocovit Besan and Turmeric Polishing Grains

If you haven’t already realized it, I’m an exfoliator hoarder: I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for a new product that can tackle my dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. I’m so thankful Mary at Seamakers in La Jolla recommended these Cocovit polishing grains for me. This is the most gentle but effective physical exfoliating skin care I have ever used. I LOVE that I can use it every day and I know that my skin is still balanced, not too dry and that my vitiligo isn’t irritated. It’s pricier than say my Acure brilliantly brightening scrub but it’s so worth it.
It’s very difficult to describe it’s texture – grains really is the best way to describe it. But it’s like very fine, powdery grains of super luxe micro exfoliating particles. The turmeric grains melt into your skin but leave a little texture beneath your fingertips so you have that physical exfoliating sensation. Chickpea flour – also known as besan – gives this little miracle pot it’s hard to describe texture.
I can’t say enough good things about this polishing grains – these turmeric polishing grains will forever be apart of my skin care and self care routine. I can’t wait to try more Cocovit products!
But be prepared…yes your skin and your sink will be momentarily bright yellow!

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