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Nautical Gifts + Organic Beauty: SeaMakers & Co in La Jolla, CA is Too Much Fun!

Pictures and reviews of my awesome haul from SeaMakers & Co sustainable gifts and beauty in La Jolla California. I love my Wander wet bag, Erbaviva baby products, Noniko natural deodorant, Coola Liplux and Etta + Billie.

Two weeks ago I did something I’ve always wanted to do: I took a staycation! I had originally booked time off from work in January for a big trip we had planned in July. Then something exciting happened 🙂 then we were going to take a babymoon and then of course, time escaped. So I took the week off of work anyway (turns out I had recently rekindled some bad work-aholic habits to distract from dealing with all the emotions of preparing for motherhood).

The first 2 days were not that smooth, i.e. I had trouble not thinking about work and replaced my time with taking care of other baby and home business at a work-like pace. The third day, I had planned lunch with a good friend in La Jolla. We always talk about skin care so I had looked up – on a whim – if any stores locally now sold Josh Rosebrook. Sure enough, I found a new place: SeaMakers & Co.

After lunch we wandered into this new La Jolla gift and beauty shop and instantly I was excited. Initially, it was like being transformed back to my my beloved New England road trip 3 years ago (no trip for me this year on the 2nd? longest continental US flight from San Diego to Boston 🙁 ). We were initially greeted by Sea Bags recycled tote bags, nautical themed gifts and a wall of green beauty! It would be difficult for me to dream up a better store 🙂

Picture of SeaMakers & Co La Jolla welcoming entrance. Your one-stop-shop for San Diego made in the USA, nautical, sustainable and organic beauty gifts.

SeaMakers & Co La Jolla welcoming entrance. Your one-stop-shop for San Diego made in the USA, nautical, sustainable and organic beauty gifts.

From Ireland to Maine to La Jolla

It was such a pleasure to get to know the owner, Mary. She and her family opened SeaMakers & Co last year after moving from Maine to La Jolla, and she added natural and organic beauty lines earlier this year. We had so much fun catching up on New England and skin care that I visited the next day so I didn’t take up too much of my lunch-buddy’s time.

Like many women I know, Mary started a deeper journey into cleaner living and skin care about 4 years ago during pregnancy. Mary is also working on her own skin care line and in the meantime, she added an extensive collection of natural and organic skin care and beauty to serve the needs of San Diego (and online shoppers!).

Let’s Talk: Beauty and Skin Care

Farmaesthetics, Apoterra, Erbaviva, Meow Meow Tweet, Herbivore, Captain Blankenship, French Girl, Suntegrity, Soapwalla, From Molly with LoveDavid’s toothpaste, Indie Lee  , Coola , Josh Rosebrook , Odacite and more, oh my!! I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to see May’s skin care collective. It was so much fun to be able to chat in person about all these great lines! And in the meantime, Vapour beauty and Kypris (yes, Kypris, greater San Diego area!!!) is now in stock.

It’s such a joy having so many great products in stock close by. And I’ve never seen such a collection of Meow Meow Tweet. And all the Coola a girl could ask for! This is a must have brand for a beach town – also with so many products in the line in stock!

While I like having the Detox Market relatively close and I love their $8 sample boxes, there is nothing like being able to test skin care and makeup products in person near your home! Especially for scentsitive gals like me.

Picture of prganic, natural and green beauty skin care wall at SeaMakers & Co in La Jolla, California. SeaMakers carries Meow Meow Tweet, Herbivore, French Girl, Indie Lee, Soapwalla, Kypris, Vapour, Coola and More

Organic, natural and green beauty wall at SeaMakers & Co in La Jolla, California

My first SeaMakers & Co Haul

This was tough: I was treading on thin ice with myself – I was already a little bit into my August beauty budget in this last week in July, but I just couldn’t pass up a few goodies. Not to mention, Mary graced me with quite a few samples of some of her favorite products that I don’t yet own.

Erbaviva Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Review

I had been wanting to try Erbaviva products for a long time, but I knew it would need to pass my scent test first. I really liked the formulas and it seemed like the right time to test their baby products (I often used baby products because they are less scented, anyway). I’ve been using the baby shampoo and body wash on myself: I really like them! And will definitely feel comfortable using them on our little bundle of joy.

Coola Mineral Liplux SPF 30 Tan Line Review

I love Coola natural and organic products and lipstick (to detract from my melasma mustache) so I was thrilled to see Mary’s selection of Coola lip protection. I went with the peachy coral “tan line” and I love it! It’s sooooooo nice to have a lip product with SPF that doesn’t taste or smell like traditional sunscreen.

Etta + Billie Rosemary Lemon Soap Review

I’m not that into scents, but I’m really into these amazing smelling soaps! I set out to buy this soap as a gift, and so as a gift it will remain so I can’t verify how well Etta + Billie and soap cleans. I can definitely guarantee that when I go back to Mary’s shop I will pick up some soap for myself.

Noniko Natural Magic Deodorant Review

I knew my husband would laugh if he noticed yet another natural deodorant under our roof, but I had to try this local brand anyway. Surprisingly, I found myself drawn to the lavender essential oil mixed version. I’ve only been using this consistently for about a week, but I’m not getting any complaints on the homefront! I think this Encinitas-made natural deodorant can give my beloved Native natural deodorant a run for their money!

Wander Wet Bags Review

The only thing more comical then me bringing home another type of natural deodorant is me walking into our front door with one more bag 🙂 But sure enough, I couldn’t leave SeaMaker’s and Co without a Wander Wet bag. This will make a great, easy to clean cosmetic bag for travel, I will even likely use it for baby things, and I’m trying to get more into swimming so this will make great swimsuit storage.

Nautical and Sustainable Gifts

When my husband isn’t working too much, we make sure he gets a lot of screen-free time out on the water racing sailboats, his top passion since he was very young. You can imagine the amount of nautical themed paraphernalia he and we have collected or been given over time. Also, if buying the coolest nautical decor from Marshalls, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods were a sport, my awesome in-laws would be the champions for sure. So I felt right at home in the gifts section of Mary’s store. It also made me miss New England and Newport, RI.

She stocks Flowfold wallets – my husband’s favorite! And great rope bracelets from Lemon & Line – both very reminiscent of my last trip to Kennebunkport.

Along with glassware, housewares and hostess gifts and varied Sea Bags brand recycled material bags, SeaMakers & Co also carries Alaina Marie lobsterman inspired bags and gifts (maybe you’ve seen her collaboration with Ked’s).

In addition to great kitchen/bar items, Mary also carries healthy and vegan cookbooks like one of my personal favorites, Thug Kitchen. (we also talked about strategies for reducing or eliminating dairy – it’s tough!)

If you live or travel through the vast metro area of San Diego, or you are looking to buy skin care only, please visit my friend Mary and her wonderful shop SeaMakers & Co in La Jolla village. For you online shoppers, they also offer free shipping on orders over $50! I can’t wait to see the new lines they will carry in the future!


Pictures of Sea Bags of Maine. Mary of SeaMakers & Co lovingly wraps my gifts as I check out the great selection of Sea Bags recycled tote bags.

Mary of SeaMakers & Co lovingly wraps my gifts as I check out the great selection of Sea Bags recycled tote bags.

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