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When Less is More: Bye Bye Birchbox Subscription

Picture and reviews of BirchBox Monthly Beauty Subscription box, including products from Dr. Jart, Love of Color, Amika, Bumble & Bumble, Benefit and More

After all most 4 years, It’s time for me to say goodbye to Birchbox. I’m at a point in my life where I actually want less things (and more experiences).

I already have so many natural and organic skin care products, and a growing list of what I’m going to buy in the next few months – I don’t need that many more new beauty ideas at present. And frankly the boxes – even from new baby stuff or our Amazon prime boxes are getting to be too much. Something (well, a few things) had to give and the lowest hanging fruit was Birchbox.

For the past year, the scents seeping through the shipping box (on the outside of the cute design cardboard boxes it comes in) have made me actually dread opening the boxes….leaving me to wonder as I tear open the box…is there anything here I will be able to keep?

If you are new to the beauty world…I would highly recommend this box. First it’s fun. Secondly it’s pretty inexpensive as far as monthly beauty subscriptions go! But if you are looking for more non-toxic beauty options, you won’t get that many. Many of the items however I have found are paraben free.

Here’s a recap of my Birchbox experience since 2013:

  • First favorite product: Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream from my very first Birchbox! This was my first intro to this line and Kbeauty. I fell in love! I’ve bought more from their Ceramidin line. It’s not a perfect product but seemed unscented to me and non-irritating (it’s also mineral oil free!).


Picture and reviews of hair care from BirchBox including Biolage paraben free recover shampoo, Amika and R+Co hair care.

There were way too many scented products in my BirchBoxes. Glad to see Biolage has a paraben free formula, but it still contains artificial fragrances! R+Co also makes nice paraben free products, but they are also too fragrant.

  • Brands I received the most products from (notice – lots of haircare)
    • Amika Hair Care: This brand might be paraben free but it is sooooooooo overly scented. I just couldn’t handle it.
    • Beauty Protector – These products seemed fine but they were fairly fragrant (although less so than Amika)
    • No 4 Hair Care
    • Coola (which is great because I love Coola organic suncare)
    • Parlor
    • Bumble and Bumble

Despite the fun of receiving these boxes, in my 4 years as a loyal subscriber however, I also bought one or 2 products from their site (great site by the way though and I believe you accrue points for shopping). They do sell a few natural brands – like you can find some Tata Harper and Suki. I also loved the beautiful boxes the products came in – but I never found a good use to re-purpose them.

There also weren’t enough customizable options, in my opinion. It would have been great if you could say that you prefer more natural or scent free products. It at least seems they are becoming more aware of the benefits of green beauty, so I hope they will expand their selection for other subscribers.

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