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Inside Wall’s Wonders Candle Making: Non-Irritating Lovingly Scented Candles!

Stress reduction for adrenal fatigue, PCOS, hypothyroidism and chronic pain: non-toxic small batch candles from Wall's Wonders Etsy shop and the book Creative Visualization

So yes I know you must be wondering: this girl complains about scents all the time, how can she even stand candles? Very good question but the simple answer is: I’m still human, I like pretty things, shiny things, and nice smelling things (that don’t cause headaches or nausea) too! Most of the time in my daily life, unscented-ness relaxes me. But I also like my house to smell fresh. I also have a beautiful fur baby who we probably don’t wash enough. I also want to create relaxing rituals around my house – and sometimes the best way to wind down from a long day is to turn off the lights, light some fresh, clean candles and sip on some Wilson Creek almond flavored sparkling wine and read a book!

So for years I’ve known about candles that don’t irritate me – and since November they are finally available for everyone else to buy these non-toxic small batch candles on etsy! And luckily for me, the candle making goddess behind Wall’s Wonders is a friend who is also very particular about scents like me and also very into health.

Unlike your average Yankee candle, Diamond candles, Volupsa candles and Fragrant Jewel candles, Wall’s Wonders smell just enough to be noticed, but not too overpowering and won’t leave too much lingering scent behind (this is my yardstick for scented – even essential oil scented – skin care too). I had some of these amazing small-batch candles shipped home to Louisiana to give to a few candle-worthy friends and family for Christmas and they were a hit!!

This post is long over-due…I got to sneak into her Valentine’s Day candle making session back in January! I was a little nervous because I knew these candles would be more sweeter-scented than the majority of the Wall’s Wonders candles I’ve used in the past, and overly sweet scents make me feel bad, quickly. When I walked in the studio, I was shocked to find just how well Erika had captured the essence of a freshly baked brownie into candles (she was pouring the Chocolate candles for her Love me Trio) and how well I felt hanging around for hours!

Unbelievable: the essence of a fresh-baked brownie in a candle! Buy the “Love Me Trio” on Etsy

What I learned in my candle making crash course:

  • Start with a clean slate: Erika’s candle making space is shockingly clean. She’s a very clean, organized person so that’s not surprising. But candle making can be messy – and yet nothing was out of place. She was even simultaneously making slow-cooker healthy dog food and her space was still spotless.

This definitely inspired me to help set a better setting for myself. When I write, take or edit photos, it’s in general chaos. Products everywhere. Using multiple rooms in the house. Not putting things away. Kitchen still a mess etc.

Classic california multi-tasking: making amazing candles and growing avocados!!!

  • To create zen moments for others, you should yourself be in a state of zen: Ok so not only is her space totally clean, it’s also free of bad distractions. She has the doors open, tons of natural light pouring in, and a perfectly optimized [Amy Winehouse inspired] playlist on Pandora plays in the background.

Also very different from my own space: at any given time I’m catching up on Bravo TV reality show recordings. Let’s just say the cast of Vanderpump Rules drunkenly yelling at each other is not exactly relaxing or free from distraction.

Just a little candle making inspiration…

  • Good things take time: Erika is a woman of many talents: she manages high performance marketing teams during the day, she makes jewelry, she makes the most amazing veggie and juice blends daily, she’s a certified yoga instructor and she also makes delicious looking wholesome dog food for her sweet cuddly pups! And somehow she has found the time to turn her long-standing candle making hobby into a business!

It has taken her years to find the right quality wax, the best eco-friendly, cotton, lead-free wicks, the highest quality fragrance oils, the best process and containers to perfect her candle making, and it’s always evolving. If you’re contemplating starting a quality candle making hobby or business, be prepared to put in some serious time!

My absolute favorite Walls Wonders Non-Toxic Candle Scents

  • Hansel and Into the Woods – 2 scents that perfectly capture the essence of winter. Lighting them makes me want curl up with some tea next to a warm fire (reach out to Erika on Etsy…she may have some still in stock even if not available in the store…and I imagine these classics will be back next winter 🙂 )
  • Ginger – so uplifting and fresh! Ginger with a hint of lemongrass. Burning “Ginger” with “Buddha” is like magic!!!
  • Buddha – the perfect peaceful blend of mint, eucalyptus and woodsiness (Buddha and Ginger are both available in the everyday Candle mix)
  • Tea TimeI used to live in South Carolina and while I didn’t drink too much sweet tea, I DID drink a lot of sweat tea flavored vodka 🙂 and I love most tea scents so this is right up my alley. This scent isn’t so much sweet tea as it is a fresh tea scent with thyme and bergamot.

Stocked and ready to go for Etsy!!!


You know how sometimes people capture ghosts in their pictures? I think my camera captured magic in the candle pouring!!

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