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Aluminum-Free All Natural Stick Deodorant Reviews – Native, Agent Nateur, Schmidt’s and More

Pictures and reviews of the best natural deodorants: Native Natural Deodorant and Agent Nateur. Also reviewed Schmidt's and Ursa Major

Update: So now I think I’m up to 40 natural deodorants I’ve tried 🙂 Check out my latest from 2020 and my secret to natural deodorant success during times of high stress. 

Here we go again. Even more aluminum-free natural deodorant reviews. The journey never ends!

I really like natural deodorant pastes that work like Soapwalla and Piper Wei, but let’s face it: I’m a creature of convenience and deodorant in stick form is just easier most days.

Let’s get right to it:

Freedom Natural Deodorant Review – Bergamont Mint

I actually got this in unscented too (of course I did) to give this formula a thorough test. This was an Prime find. It even says on the packaging that’s is “the natural deodorant that really works”….so does it? Noooot really. Yes it’s free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, dyes etc but it also has a lot of shea butter and beeswax – way too much. It’s very sticky. And It also uses by far the worst concentration and quality of essential oils I have ever smelled. So on top of not working that well for me, it smells so strong and artificial. Definitely not recommending this one. Also….thinking the scent name is either a pun or a misspelling?

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant Review

Tons of people love this deodorant. I’m a fan of this brand so I made a note to try this deodorant after I saw it at Follain last summer in Boston. I’m shocked it claims to offer “24-hour unscented protection” on the natural deodorant scent packaging. 1) 24 hour protection is a huge claim, and not one that I have experienced. 2) Unscented??? Just because they don’t add artificial fragrance doesn’t mean it’s unscented! It’s highly scented!!! I’m sure the eucalyptus, grapefruit, rosemary, calendula and lemon peel extracts and oils have a topical purpose as well, but they are also very fragrant. (okay to be fair later it does say it has an “invigorating aroma” but let’s not try to be too clever here. A scent is a scent is a scent is an aroma). The hops extract also makes this “aroma” very weird.

Another claim: “Stay fresh and cool” with this underarm deodorant that also works by “absorbing excess moisture.” Well, I did find this natural aluminum free deodorant cooling, because it is not protective at all against sweat (to be fair it’s not an antiperspirant). There was certainly no excess moisture absorption. It might just be the addition of aloe is too cool.

I will say the texture if very nice and not too sticky given the shea butter. But tapioca starch doesn’t not seem to be as great an absorber as baking soda and arrowroot powder.

Meow Meow Tweet Lemon Eucalyptus Deodorant Stick Review

I found this aluminum free natural deodorant stick to work just about as well as it’s Meow Meow Tweet cream deodorant counterpart: just OK. This non-clay formula uses arrowroot powder like many natural deodorants to cater to the baking soda sensitive folk. I will say I am surprisingly, definitely a fan of this eucalyptus lemon scent.

This deodorant may last well for an hour or 2, and for me that’s just not enough.

Pictures and reviews of the best natural deodorants: Native Natural Deodorant and Agent Nateur. Also reviewed Schmidt's and Ursa Major

My latest natural deodorant reviews, including my favorite most effective aluminum free deodorants: Native and Agent Nateur. I can’t wait to try Native’s newest Rose’ brunch scent.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Review – Bergamot and Lime

First let’s confirm what many experience: yes, when you first start using Schmidt’s natural deodorant it does sting your armpits. I’ve gotten used to it after a while so it doesn’t bother me most of the time. I’m actually a huge fan of this scent – I’m able to tolerate citrus scents and essential oils most out of all scents. It’s so nice that it’s not artificially fragrant but that it actually doesn’t seem so: this must be high quality citrus and essential oils. I love that it’s not to shea-buttery. And it uses both arrowroot powder AND baking soda for absorption and odor neutralization.

I do recommend this if you aren’t sensitive to baking soda and if you can handle a little stinging from time to time. Also this was easily purchased on Amazon Prime. And while it does keep me fresh, it doesn’t seem to protect much against wetness.

Oh and steer clear of the Ylang Ylang + Calendula scent: this is the most – it’s tied for worst-smelling with the Freedom bergamot lime deodorant.

Agent Nateur Holistick No 3 Organic Deodorant Review

This high quality unisex (and made by hand!) natural paraben free and aluminum free deodorant definitely has a luxe scent and I wouldn’t mind if my husband will try it (but I don’t think I will ever be able to get him un-hooked from aluminum – but at least he wears unscented deodorant now)!. This coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda and avocado butter (yum) combo gives an easily gliding but not sticky texture.

The only reason this isn’t rated number 1 in my book is because it is not as good as keeping me very dry like my number 1 pick – but it is by far more effective than Schmidt’s and other natural deodorant sticks.

I definitely recommend this organic Agent Nateur formally – it is a part of my weekly natural deodorant rotation (I like to keep my underarms guessing 🙂 ). And I love that it doesn’t contain shea butter!

Native Deodorant Review – The most effective aluminum free natural deodorant

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Native natural deodorant is the closest thing I have found to an antiperspirant for an aluminum free natural deodorant that is not an antiperspirant!

I first heard about this deodorant when our friend Meghan posted a hilarious order confirmation email from Native. Their communication etiquette is just as nice as their natural deodorant formula.

The downside: You can only order online through their site (for now). I ordered a 3 pack sampler because I wasn’t sure which scent (or unscented version I would like).

I cannot believe I’m typing these words: My favorite version of this ultra-effective natural deodorant is the lavender and rose scent. (I’m so scent averse and rose essential oils or normally incredibly irritating for me). The coconut-vanilla scent is supposedly their most popular, but it is too sweet for me.

Native deodorant’s combo of arrowroot powder and baking soda works well with the coconut oil based. I’m not sure why this is so effective – maybe just the right concentrations of each ingredient? Not other natural deodorants in the past 5 years have kept me dryer. It does have shea butter, but not too much. I’m wondering if the castor oil makes it so effective – the Agent Nateur organic formula uses castor oil too.

[Update] Even better Рthey just came out with a Ros̩ scent!!! Best get on that Native natural deodorant waitlist!

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