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My Non-Toxic Pregnancy Skin Care Routine Part 1: Preventing Melasma and Avoiding Fragrance

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Soooo it’s kind of hard to believe I’m writing this because like many women I know – even many women without PCOS – it’s taken us a while to get where we are (more on that part of the journey later, maybe)! We are going to have a baby later this year. It’s exciting but also a lot to take in and process. There are so many emotional and physical journeys each week. So while I’m still processing the big stuff, it has helped me along the way to focus on little things, or little changes I can make to take this new health journey on one day at a time. (I’ve also had a bit of fun shopping for a few fun things like the baby Cheetah and Moulin Roty hippo rattle in this post from my friend’s awesome Portland toy store, Made You Look PDX).

I’m glad I’ve been on my healthier beauty journey for a few years now, because I’m afraid if I wasn’t, it would become [even more of] an obsession or a fixation. So far I’ve only had to tweak my routine a bit, especially during the earlier weeks.

Avoiding Scents Even More Than Before

While I’ve been sensitive to fragrance for the past few years since I’ve removed most from our home, I couldn’t believe just how heightened my sense of smell became in my early weeks of pregnancy. After catching a terrible cold while traveling for work in week 6, I woke up feeling just good enough on a Saturday to get out in the fresh air to my favorite farmer’s market. I couldn’t believe the assault on my senses as I walked through the blocks and blocks of vendors. Dogs, food, flowers – geeze the flowers – I was overwhelmed. I’ve never been a big flower person but I couldn’t believe how awful most of them smelled.

Soon I realized I was even more sensitive to most scents and skin care. I knew this was a possibility but I figured I was already so irritated by fragrance and scents (even sensitive to essential oils)…how bad could it get? So bad that I had to confide in a very kind coworker – before I even told many of my good friends – that I was pregnant and the geranium essential oil she used in her diffuser made me nauseated every afternoon at work. (She was so sweet about stopping her use of it – and as a sign of goodwill I gave her my March Art of Organics box 🙂 )

Acure Organics Sensitive Facial Cleanser Review

I love most Acure organic skin care products so with my newer enhanced scent sensitivity it seemed like a good time to try Acure organics sensitive facial cleanser. My usual Boscia cleanser was irritating me too much, so this relatively scent free (except for the peony extract, I think) organic, vegan and paraben free cream cleanser from Acure did the trick. It’s a powerful but gentle face cleanser that doesn’t leave my face feeling dry. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin!

Non-Toxic Pregnancy Face Moisturizers

I’ve still been using my Drunk Elephant Lala Retro cream most days because it is blissfully fragrance-free, but I also couldn’t help trying a new moisturizer – I found Acure the Magical Wonderfluff on sale and had to try it. I do like it, but I’m not blown away. Good to have on hand (I tend to have some skin care in every bag and every room in my house 🙂 ) but I wouldn’t call it a must have. Like many Acure Organic skin care products, it’s powered by chlorella and argan oil. To be fair, this is really an organic face mask and not a cream per say, but I still tend to judge everything by it’s power to hydrate like First Aid Beauty cream or Drunk Elephant Lala Retro.

Non-Toxic and Safe Pregnancy Skin Care Routine and Organic Product Reviews

Love this Moulin Roty hippo rattle from my friend’s Portland Oregon Toy Store, Made You Look.

Exfoliation and Slowing Down Melasma Progress During Pregnancy

Because I’m a bit vain and embarrassed from my 2 types of facial pigmentation issues, I’ve been concerned my melasma would get worse over the course of pregnancy. After all, I first developed melasma over a decade ago when I was very young and not pregnant nor on hormonal birth control. And I’ve had Ginger Zee’s melasma journey fresh in my mind.

I knew a Vitamin C serum would need to be at the top of my pregnancy skin care list. Maya Chia the super couple was out for the first trimester when my sense of smell was too heightened and it’s scent / essential oils were too strong. I’ve been relying more on One Love Organics Vitamin C serum which felt gentle yet nourishing.

I realize everyone has differing opinions, but my doctors told me I should continue to stay away from retinol type products and hydroquinone. I was surprised however when they said that BHA’s like salicylic acid were OK because over-the-counter concentrations I would be using should be fine. This was nice to know but because they are stronger on my sensitive nose, I’ve been mostly avoiding them. So yes no more Tata Harper resurfacing mask for me for a while (the scent of apple cider vinegar in general is not fun) and my newly beloved Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial is retired for a few more months.

You should always consult with your doctor on your personal health routines, especially during pregnancy. I’ve outlined in this post what has been working for me, but everyone is different. 

I still continue to use my favorite effective Acure Organics brightening facial scrub, but I’ve also added in First Aid Beauty Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA serum. The jury is till out on how much I like or would recommend this paraben-free FAB beauty product.

Now that the majorly enhanced scent sensitivity is subsiding a bit, I have been able to use more Odacite products again like the Green Tea and Lemongrass serum.

Overall, my melasma has not increased so far with pregnancy. However I do have a new dark spot on my nose, and I realize I will have quite a few weeks of hormonal changes left in pregnancy (not to mention many post-pregnancy changes too). Each week is a new gauntlet of managing stress, emotions, energy levels, new sensations and crazy hunger, so time will only tell what happens to my skin!

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