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Avocado Oil Skin Benefits – Is it a Great Natural Skincare Ingredient?

Avocado Oil Skincare Reviews

Fun fact: San Diego county is the avocado capital of the United States! Prevalent avocados and cheaper guacamole or extra avocado add-ons to dishes has been a big plus in moving here 🙂

I’ve always loved to eat avocados, so naturally, over the years, I’ve amassed a collection of products powered by avocado or avocado oil.

It seems obvious to try to use avocado oil in skincare for the antioxidant and natural moisturizing benefits. And the OG of skincare Paula Begoun also reminds us its packed with fatty acids that our body doesn’t produce natural (mega 3 and 6).

Here are the avocado oil-based products I’ve tried extensively….you’ll see a pattern emerge with my experiences

  • CoCo Kind Facial Repair Oil (formerly facial repair serum) – powered by coconut oil (obvi) and rosehip seed oil (a favorite skincare ingredient of mine) and avocado oil, I had high hopes for moisturizing! But ultimately this didn’t absorb well into my skin to make the $14 worth it to me.
  • Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask – originally I loved the texture of this mask but upon application, it just sits. and sits. and doesn’t absorb. and smells artificial. and stings 🙁 . This isn’t even the retinol version. I honestly can’t recommend it and this mask makes me hesitate to try other Glow Recipe products. I never felt my skin looked amazing with regular use. But I am intrigued by the gluconolactone exfoliant.
  • S.W. Basic Oil Serum – I love the simplicity of this 4 ingredient serum oil. Between the turmeric, coffee, and geranium with nourishing avocado oil, I was expecting some seriously glowing benefits. But like the Glow Recipe mask, this serum just sits on my face without absorbing well. I smelled too much like geranium and avocado oil – not a pretty smelling combination. $30 is too steep for this lackluster serum for me. To use it up I used it as a body oil instead but it was difficult to get past the smell.
  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – I wanted to love this product badly (even though it has parabens 🙂 which I know they are looking to remove). The texture was phenomenal. I LOVE a creamy eye cream. This seemed like the ticket! But it did take longer to absorb than I liked. And ultimately, it would creep into my eyes somehow and sting (no matter how little I applied). Occasionally I try a few Kiehl’s products but I’ll never forget but not a great experience with their hero eye product.

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