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Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick Review – Rosewood and Pecan

Bite beauty butter cream natural lipsticks

R.I.P. Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipsticks! Get these great natural lipsticks while you can (if you can)! They have less of a scent than the other Bite Beauty lipsticks and they provide a nourishing, creamy finish.

I appreciate that Bite Beauty updates their product line a few times each year, but I hate to see the butter cream lipsticks be discontinued! You can no longer buy them from or Sephora online. Although some Sephora’s still have them in stock.

I’ve been using Rosewood and Pecan for a while now. I wish I had bought more!

I have many of the newer Bite Beauty Multisticks, but they aren’t as creamy and have more added fragrance than the discontinued butter cream lipsticks.

Bite beauty butter cream natural lipsticks

My well-loved Bite Beauty Butter Cream natural lipsticks in Pecan and Rosewood.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick Review:

The Good:

  • These are very hydrating lipsticks due to the creamy center of the hand-but lipstick.
  • I’m making a healthier choice when I use these as my everyday lipsticks. The box reminds me that these are “made with natural, food grade and organic ingredients.”
  • Paraben-free lipstick!

The Not-So-Good:

  • While not super long-lasting, they leave behind a mild colorful tint.
  • The hand-cut flat surface makes it difficult to stay within the lip line and the lipstick is prone to feathering.
  • They have a mild scent to them. It’s not unpleasant but a bit distracting for me.


pictures of bite beauty butter cream lipsticks in Pecan and Rosewood

Swatches of Bite Beauty butter cream Pecan and Rosewood natural lipsticks with organic ingredients. I really like lipsticks because they distract from my upper lip melasma.

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