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ELEWA Natural Vegan Skin Care Review + Drunk Elephant Marula Oil Dupe

pictures and review of Elewa natrual vegan cruelty free organic skin care compared to Drunk Elephant marula oil

I try to stay present in the moment and enjoy my Sundays but most of the time I end of feeling behind: behind on laundry, behind on grocery shopping, behind on beauty review writing and video editing (months and months and months of post backlogs!) and of course feeling behind on work for my actual job in the coming week.

Today I’m feeling a bit more confident. I’ve gotten some great playtime in with my angel baby, I’m sore from yesterday’s workout (will use that as an excuse to not workout and not feel guilty about it today), I made some yummy broccoli sweet potato spinach bites for little boo boo and I’m finally finishing up this long awaited review for ELEWA natural skin care.

I can’t begin to describe how wonderfully caring and generous our friends and families were in preparation for our little guy last fall. And the support after he came was incredible too – anytime someone called me with advice or to check in on me or ask how I was feeling during maternity leave I felt so blessed. One of the sweetest gestures was when our family friend – who we haven’t seen in far too long – sent me natural skin care goodies from her beauty line.

Karoline’s generous gesture was so spot on – my sensitive dry and dehydrated skin has been loving her thoughtfully crafted skin care line. I’ve been wanting to get the word out more about ELEWA skincare also because of it’s special use of African oils that us skincare fanatics in the United States are just starting to learn more about. I think Drunk Elephant’s intro into the skin care scene the other year was the first wave of  these exotic ingredients.

If you’ve loved your Lala Retro Whipped Cream and Virgin Marula Facial Oil from Drunk Elephant, I strongly encourage you to try ELEWA’s nourishing oil and antioxidant-packed fair trade holistic skin care. You can buy ELEWA on their website where you can read more about their ingredients or you can now buy on Amazon too! Most of Elewa’s products contain organic ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free.

Here are a few of my favorites! Next on my list is trying the * Moringa Passion Fruit Oil.

(Hi friends! an * denotes Amazon affiliate links. You could search within Amazon for these product names if you prefer)

Elewa Natural Pure Ximenia Oil and Kalahari Melon Oil Blend Review

My baby and I both love these oils! I use the Kalahari oil on my arms and legs instead of body lotion. Baby loves both oils for massages too (great tip from the Mami & Baby skin care set). We love using the Ximenia oil for dry skin and lips. Drunk Elephant also uses these oils blended in their LaLa retro cream.

Elewa Multi Tea Facial Cleanser and Rooibos Facial Serum Review

I love products made with tea because besides their skin care benefits they also natural smell like tea which I love – maybe it’s all those years being raised in the south and living in Charleston, South Carolina for so long. (or maybe it reminds me of fun times with friends when a friend’s boyfriend at the time created Sweet Tea Vodka and promoted it frequently at bars around town 🙂 ). These tea based products are so light and refreshing. I like layering the Rooibos serum underneath my SPF before makeup.

My Nighttime Elewa Natural Skin Care Routine:

My favorite products so far are the Facial Serum Balance and the Marula Oil Blend

  • Elewa Facial Serum Balance: So soothing and nourishing (yet light!) on my face after cleansing with light calming natural scent of calendula. It contains tea extracts, hyaluronic acid and rosehip seed oil. The jojoba oil as well makes this serum very easily absorbed.


  • Elewa Marula Facial Oil Blend: After applying the Balance serum I wait a few minutes and massage in * Elewa’s Marula Facial Oil Blend. My skin DRINKS this marula based face oil – it can’t get enough. If you’re running low on Drunk Elephant marula oil or want to level up from using The Ordinary’s marula oil, I can’t recommend Elewa’s multi-oil marula blend enough! After trying other Elewa products I couldn’t wait to buy this one! You get a better bang-for-your-buck at 1oz and Elewa’s oil also contains rosehip seed oil which I love using as a melasma treatment.

This is a fantastic natural line with so many products to choose from, however, I’d love to see Elewa make their site and their line a bit more user friendly especially for new skin care enthusiasts who want to easily choose the products that would work best for them. Both Acure and Ole Henriksen have streamlined their packaging to better help guide consumers by skin care concern – I imagine that newer approached have helped both the brands and their consumers!



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