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Lilfox Skincare Reviews and Beauty Heroes Subscription Box

Lilfox Miami organic skin care Beauty Heroes box reviews and pictures

*Updated June 2020* I’ve amassed quite the collection of Lilfox skincare from my beauty boxes over the years, and I’m so excited to update this review with skincare from their couture collection! My latest Lilfox selections are thanks to Beauty Heroes. I’ve cut down on several beauty boxes over the years and now I really only subscribe to Beauty Heroes. I get the most luxe, thoughtful and sustainable beauty bundles for epic skincare routines from this box. You can save 15% off their site anytime as a member and within a few months you will have almost a full green beauty skincare routine!* (Hi friends this is a referral link I may get a small discount if you purchase a product or membership through this link).

LilFox Cleopatra Restorative Milk + Honey Beauty Mask Review

This mask is in powder form so you need to mix it with water or an essence to make a paste to apply to your face. This subtle mask seems lackluster at first when applied to your skin, but my face always feels FANTASTIC when I rinse it off. If youre skin needs a total reboot, this is a nice gentle mask to start with. However the price point is fairly high if you’re new to skincare and you need to be ok with a very interesting, herbal scent.

LilFox Jungle Glow Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleanser + Mask Review

Once you get past the very intense herbal scent, this is a fantastic cleansing “mud”. Honestly, this is like a lower price answer to May Lindstrom the Honey Mud (the Lilfox version is about $15 less expensive). This cleanses well but gently and leaves skin feeling so soft and refreshed. Love the antioxidant packed cacao and of course the added rose hip seed oil to help treat my melasma. This is on my list to buy again.

LilFox Eucalipto Moroccan Black Soap and Body Mask Review

I received this in an Art of Organics beauty box last year. Ummmmm. Ehhhhhh. Honestly, not sure what to say about this because i just didn’t get it. Weird texture. Not really soap like. Smelled odd. Gave it a try 10 times but I just couldn’t figure it out.

LilFox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Skin Tony Mist with Amethyst Infusion Review

OK so at the time in 2016 when I got this mist in a Glowing Beets box, I just didn’t think they were that helpful. Times have changed and so has my opinion on face mists! Stay tuned I have a major update to my previous setting mist review. Meanwhile I had given this to a friend when I received it and she couldn’t stop raving about it.

LilFox Maracuja + Rose Youthful Vixen Face Nectar

Yes. This product. Yes. This “nectar” is more like a face oil but it absorbs so well and it’s so gentle. I don’t even like rose things but I love this face nectar. I can’t believe how much my skin just drinks this up. And yes another great product with rose hip seed oil too! PUT THIS ON YOUR LIST!

LilFox Prickly Pear Illuminating Beauty Nectar – Beauty Heroes October 2018 Box Review

I actually bought this last year when a beauty store was closing and this was on sale, but I was excited to get the newer formula in this month’s Beauty Heroes box. I had read about prickly pear as a brightening treatment for hyperpigmentation and I had high hopes it would help my melasma. However, I don’t use this product consistently enough because it also contains jasmine oil which has such a strong aroma. Hoping to try this and have an updated perspective for yall on how this bright yellow-green face oil helps my melasma.

LilFox Kalahari Brightening Eye Treatment – Beauty Heroes October 2018 Box Review

It’s only been a few days but I think I like this eye treatment better than the Maya Chia version that launched this year because LilFox Kalahari absorbs more easily into my skin. This unique very light eye serum treatment contains rare prickly pare combined with watermelon and coffee bean too to awaken the eye area. I’ll take any dark circle treatment I can get as a new mom đŸ™‚ My favorite part of this eye serum? It uses a soothing glass rollerball instead of most rolling eye treatments that use a few harsh, cold metal ball. I’d definitely recommend giving this ago. And if you’re looking for more African oil inspired skincare, check out my review of Elewa naturals.

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