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True Botanicals Review: Honest Thoughts on Radiance Oil, Vitamin C and Masks

True Botanicals Renew collection review and pictures. I love the Antioxidant Booster and Cellular Repair Serum

Finally making some time to review my vast collection of True Botanicals! Funny story, Instagram was the first platform to “sense” that I was pregnancy in 2017 and True Botanicals was one of the first ads I got served for their hydrate, pregnancy-safe skin care collection. I started trying their line last fall and I’ve definitely found some winners!

I was drawn to their Renew anti-aging skin care collection to find another trusted ingredient beauty brand to tread my melasma, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

This is definitely not a bargain brand but it’s worth trying, I promise! This cruelty-free, vegan and Made Safe certified brand has so many great skin care options for each skin type or problem. Before I get into my product reviews, first i’ll cover some important points about the brand.

Unilever Ventures became an investor in 2017.

I hear chatter across the web and Instagram of some beauty enthusiasts not even wanting to try True Botanicals because they don’t want to support Unilever. While I get it, I definitely have a different opinion. First I hardly support Unilever in anything that I buy or use so I’m not going to sweat the fact that they may get a few dollars from me when I purchase True Botanicals. Also, with friends and family who are or have been small business owners, I wouldn’t want to penalize a beauty brand that was able to secure investment – no small feat! – to try to grow their brand. And honestly if this helps True Botanicals grow and get more consumers to be more mindful of beauty products they use and buy, I’m in full support!

Where can you buy True Botanicals – not on Amazon

This digitally native brand can’t be bought on Amazon sadly.

If you’re a Beauty Heroes subscription member then you probably already know about True Botanicals and the discounts you can get buying through

I can’t recommend enough signing up for True Botanicals emails list. They have some sort of promotion going on each month. I also recommend subscribing to their Sun & Moon subscription box. I got a rose quartz gua sha tool as my free gift in my last box delivery!

Update: True Botanicals is having their annual sale through Cyber Monday!

You can also shop True Botanicals at Follain and

True Botanicals founder also co-founded Marie Veronique

And like many green beauty enthusiasts like us, she was drawn to a cleaner way of life out of a health scare. Marie Veronique is another wonderful non-toxic science based brand, and their lightening serum is a must have to treat melasma!

Ok so now onto the product reviews!

True Botanicals Shampoo & Body Wash Review

Their shampoo, conditioner and body wash are totally fine non-toxic beauty products, but I wasn’t blown away by them. I received them as part of a Beauty Heroes box earlier this year. I’m getting through them but I don’t think they will be a repurchase, just because I have products from other brands I like better. They have a very interesting herbal scent that is not my favorite. My hair feels valuminous and my skin feels clean though ๐Ÿ™‚

True Botanicals Skincare Reviews

True Botanicals Renew Cellular Repair Serum

OK so at first I thought to myself  “this is fine. This is very herbal scented. This is OK”. And then I woke up and honestly I was like “Holy sh$t!!” This is one subtley awesome anti-aging serum! It doesn’t feel moisturizing when it goes in by my skin absorbs this so quickly and the next more my face is glowing and the texture is fantastic. Absolutely reverses sun damage. This light-as-a-feather serum is jam packed with some of my favorite brighteners like astaxanthin and niacinamide.

True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster Review

This. Yes. This. Mixed with the Renew Cellular Repair Serum is incredibly. It tingles a bit – definitely feels like its working ๐Ÿ™‚ and supercharges the power of the Cellular Repair Serum which doesn’t seem possible. This combined with the repair serum has definitely made my melasma look so much better!

True Botanicals Renew Hydrating Cleanser and Pre-Cleanse Oil

Really love this dyanmic duo too. My skin feels totally cleansed yet totally balanced and moisturized! As always I could do without the added Jasmine though ๐Ÿ™‚

True Botanicals Hydrate Repair Serum Review

(Now discontinued) I love this very odd Elmer’s glue texture serum – unfortunately just got an update from the True Botanicals team that they will no longer carry the hydrating line ๐Ÿ™ . I’ll keep you posted on a replacement. Important to note their there customer service is so helpful and answers any questions you have quickly!

True Botanicals Renew collection review and pictures. I love the Antioxidant Booster and Cellular Repair Serum
Love these serums and boosters from True Botanicals! Unfortunately the Hydrate Repair Serum will no longer be produced.

Other Pretty Great True Botanical Products

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil Review

So the deal is I love this oil. I see fantastic results. I definitely recommend it. And it drove better results than La Mer. The only problem is I tend to love Maya Chia super couple face oil more, and I can’t justify rebuying both at the present time. Ok and maybe it is a touch too jasmine-y for me ๐Ÿ™‚

True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster Review

So I use some sort of Vitamin C almost every day. And this is great. I guess I just haven’t found a vitamin C serum I can’t live without – so this is probably the closest. I will likely repurchase within the next year however. This has lasted surprisingly long. And it definitely “feels” like its working on my skin, like the antioxidant booster.

True Botanicals Sheer Coverage Tinted UVA UVB Sun Protection Review

I love how lightweight this is however it has the most intense herbal scent and an odd texture. It sits great under makeup as long as you don’t rub it in too much, then it starts to peel ๐Ÿ™

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