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OSEA Organic Skin Care Review

Osea Malibu orgnaic skin care reviews - Love the Osea Malibu advanced protection cream, ocean cleaner and eye gel.

I love visiting my friend Mary at her La Jolla store Seamakers. She’s so kind, friendly, passionate about American-made organic beauty and loves telling me about new products. Plus she has a great selection of OSEA. I first learned of OSEA from Mary but I’ve also received some products from Beauty Heroes.

Here is a quick review of this clean and pure California brand. They have so many products so I will be updating this most frequently!

OSEA Undaria Body Polish Review

This body polish is so gentle. Maybe a little too gentle for me but I’m warming up to it 🙂 I would suggest using this every day – yes it’s actually that gentle feeling. Overtime your skin will feel softer but I wouldn’t say it would immediately get rid of rough elbows. It’s definitely not as course as Herbivore’s polish. This large tub also lasts a long time! My attention span may not be long enough to fully appreciate the beauty of this subtle algae based body scrub. I think their Salts of the Earth body scrub will be more in line with my occasional body scrub usage.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser Review

The texture of this light and creamy organic face cleanser is fantastic. This was another goodie from my Beauty Heroes monthly subscription box. I like to rotate multiple face cleansers at a time and this is definitely a key player in my arsenal. However gentle this cleanser looks, it’s a very powerful organic cleanser and I would not recommend it for every day use if you have normal to dehydrated or dry skin. This cleanser feels drying and leaves my skin feeling “tight”.

I would likely recommend this for someone with more acne-prone skin.

The scent from essential oils and extracts is very mild and I would say this algae based cleanser minimizes pores.

OSEA Eye Gel Serum

I’m still in my early 30’s and have a feeling I’m taking for granted the youthful appearance of my face (I’ve always looked younger than I am). But I’m starting to be more mindful of wrinkles and tightness. I normally go for a creamer eye treatment but I was intrigued by this gel form and Mary’s suggestion to keep it in the fridge. Even without the fridge-worthy boost, this cooling and soothing gel gives my delicate eye area a nice pick me up, but I can’t say it’s helped my under eye circles yet. I use it a few times a week as part of my morning routine but also in conjunction with another eye cream or even Drunk Elephant Protini. I’m looking forward to trying OSEA’s concentrated Eye and Lips treatment in the future.

OSEA Advanced Protection Cream

This. I’m literally salivating as a type because I can’t wait to finish my night time skincare routine, apply this decadent cream and drift off to sleep. This intensely rich cream is like Drunk Elephant La La Retro on steroids. It deeply moisturizers and tingles – hopefully those are the amino acids working to reduce my hyperpigmentation and melasma 🙂  This luscious cream isn’t based on an African oil blend like Drunk Elephants LaLa Retro but avocado and macadamia. Like the rest of the stellar OSEA line, this night cream is powered by algae. This lovely mother’s day gift is definitely on my repurchase list!

A great way to try a range of OSEA products is through their travel size and gift sets! Mary has a great selection and you can shop Seamakers online!

Next on my OSEA list is the vitamin sea vitamin boost mist!


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