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Tatcha Skin Care Review: Tatcha the Pearl Eye treatment, Silk Canvas Primer and More

I really like Tatcha the Pearl Illuminating eye treatment but I wish the container was less awkward to open. I like the silk canvas primer for covering my melasma.

Finally my waaay long overdue review of Tatcha Japanese skincare that has been taking over Sephora for the past 2 years or so. There new moisturizers and masks frequently fly off the shelves at Sephora but the sets are the best way to experience several Tatcha products at a great value.

Clean at Sephora Campaign and Shopping Category

I’ve started to see more green leaf notations on the Sephora app promoting their “Clean at Sephora” categorization. The new campaign officially kicked off June 1st and you’ll see more and more green leaf logos at Sephora and online. Tatcha products frequently fall under this designation although I would argue with this brand and others a lingering scent shouldn’t be considered very natural. They come from natural sources – somehow – but I just strongly feel I should be able to smell a clean beauty product for more than a few minutes.

So onto my Tatcha reviews…as always I try to keep these short and sweet so you can go about your shopping 🙂

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Review

OK so actually as of a few months ago if I would have written this review timely 🙂 I would have not reviewed this product well. However, I have a new fondness for face mists (stay tuned). This one actually is fine – way better than the Amore Pacific version. And it has a fantastic fine mist sprayer. I would however recommend a few others over this one, but if you like Tatcha products, this should be on your list.

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil Review

This rice bran powered oil is a great makeup remover and oil cleanser, but again, not my favorite oil cleanser. I would recommend picking this up as part of a set from Sephora or as a mini. Much like their other products, the added fragrances is totally unnecessary.

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder Review

This gentle polish is actually pretty great. Again, I like this rice enzyme powder over the Amore Pacific version. Much less of a scent which is great. If you have sensitive or dry skin and are new to exfoliating, you will really enjoy this gentle exfoliating powder. One Love Organics makes a similar gentle powder too, but I think I like this Tatcha version better.

Tatcha the Silk Cream Review

This is a totally fine face cream. But I want my life, the things in it, and the things I invest in to be more than “fine” :). If you like the texture of this cream, I would recommend upgrading to Ayuna Cream instead. I’ve gotten mine from Beauty Heroes but you could find your closest Neiman Marcus and ask them to make you a sample 🙂

Tatcha the Pearl Illuminating Eye Treatment Review

HELLO bright eyes. The Pearl Illuminating Eye Treatment is a cross between a makeup concealer and an eye treatment. It’s fairly emollient and absorbable but not really a moisturizing cream. I can’t tell yet if it’s had long-term benefits, but when my coworkers tell me I’m balancing motherhood and a career well, I think it’s because I look well-rested when I wear this :). It’s also wonderfully non-irritating on my eyes and talc free. I use this more as a concealer and extra boost of light moisture after I apply my makeup.

Review and swatches of Tatcha Skin Care - The Pearl Illuminating eye treatment, the silk canvas and dewy skin mist.

Tatcha Skin Care Review! The Pearl Illuminating eye treatment, the silk canvas and dewy skin mist.

One major bug-a-boo I have with this pearl-enhanced eye treatment is the container – the top is awkward to screw off and too easy to drop when you’re finishing your makeup in a hurry 🙂

Tatcha the Silk Canvas Primer Review

I’m obsessed with trying different primers to help my makeup stay on longer to cover my melasma, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. And this one is pretty good! I can’t say I’ve found a full proof winner over the years but this one is a nice light way to prime your face “canvas” with the right texture. Much better and effective than the First Aid Beauty coconut primer! I got a mini of the silk canvas from Sephora that I’ve been using. I’ve yet to decide if I’m for sure ready to repurchase but I’ll let you know! This silk powder primer balm also contains anti-pollution natural actives, whatever that is 🙂

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