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How to Cure Canker Sores Naturally – Fast!

My natural canker sore remedy! Get rid of your Crest or Colgate toothpaste with SLS and try David's instead

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I relish in the opportunity to help others and the sweetest victories are when I help my husband (and OK, maybe prove him wrong a little).

My sweet hubs is one of those people that has always gotten canker sores (not to be confused with cold sores, haha he wants me to make that clear). Sometimes it’s stress related, immune related or food related. Regardless he was always searching for a solution for them and sick of paying for the expensive over the counter medications from CVS.

Late one night a few months ago as I was drifting off to sleep I heard him ask me – does my toothpaste contains SLS? I knew exactly what he meant – did his toothpaste contain sodium laurel sulfate? “Of course it does” I said. I knew confidently it did because that’s one of a few things in our house I don’t pick out. He didn’t like that I used non-fluoride toothpaste (which I think helped with my TMJ by the way).

You can research it it – there is a lot of not great things about SLS Sodium Laurel Sulfate and similar sulfates but they are known to irritate and potentially cause canker sores.

I encouraged my husband finally to use my favorite natural toothpaste – David’s! The next day he called me during lunch to confirm that his canker sore had dissipated in a matter of hours!

Yep – switching toothpastes! It’s that easy. And you can find it on Amazon! (feel free to search for it in Amazon instead of click on my site’s affiliate link)

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