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Best Organic Bedding and Sheets Review: Boll and Branch vs Magnolia Organics on Amazon

Picture and reviews comparison of Boll & Branch 100% organic cotton sheets vs Magnolia Organics organic cotton sheets from

How important is it to use organic cotton sheets vs regular cotton? I’m not too sure, but I tried organic sheets on the premise I buy most organic things: If I use (or eat) something a lot, I like to try to make it organic where possible.

Organic bedding is supposedly better for people with sensitive skin. I’m sure there is a non-toxic argument to be made for organic sheets vs regular sheets too and some scary story about chemicals used in treating conventional sheets but blah blah blah I’m trying not to live in fear anymore.

The truth is, I’m really just a bedding addict. I had first heard about Boll and Branch sheets on a radio ad (yes, I listened and acted on an advertisement heard on radio) on Radio Andy on SiriusXM Channel 102 while listening to a Reality Checked episode hosted by Amy Philips (have I mentioned I watch way too many Bravo reality shows?).

Boll & Branch 100% Organic Sheets and Bedding Review

I love high quality bedding, but I normally only buy it on sale. I used a promo code to buy my Boll and Branch sheets online a few days after hearing their ad on satellite radio. To my surprise when they arrived, I realized they were organic! Even better. They were incredibly soft and I was so excited to use them.

Fast forward to almost a year later, and the softness has become a problem. They are decidedly too soft. What? Why does that matter? I don’t know…it just does. I prefer my sheets more stiff. These Boll and Branch organic sheets are sooo soft that I’m nervous they will just rip while washing them. In addition they are too soft and and pliable on our bed – they stretch too much over time, get very wrinkled, and I don’t like the feel of the extra fabric bunching up while I sleep.

Boll and Branch isn’t alone – I’ve had this too-soft-easily-bunching issue with other organic sheets too that I’ve bought from Tuesday Morning and HomeGoods.

My standard of sheets for years has been Macy’s Hotel Collection 600+ thread count cotton sheets. These go on sale a few times a year. (Also I would highly advise those attending weddings that a great set of sheets or a high quality kitchen knife like Global chef’s knife would go a long way for the happy couple!). These Hotel Collection sheets are the perfect mix of softness and stability – I always compare any new sheets to these.

Magnolia Organic Sheets and Pillowcases Review

As I was milling on what to do for my next set of sheets (we have a king size bed so sheets are pricey. But my husband has historically had bad allergies so we wash our sheets often), I realized we at least needed some new pillow cases (these get washed even more frequently than our sheets). I also had a business trip coming up, and I like to bring my own pillow cases (and a cotton sleep slack) with me in case the detergent on the hotel sheets is too harsh. I like to by local when I can, but I admit I often buy many things on Amazon out of convenience. I found a pair of reasonably priced organic pillowcases from Magnolia Organics so I immediately purchased them. I was so pleased with the quality of the pillow cases that I bought a set of sheets by Magnolia Organics a few weeks later. The Magnolia Organics Estate Collection sheet set in Silver Snow are my new fave sheets! Best of all, these organic sheets are over $150 less than Boll and Branch king size organic sheets!

(Friends: the below is an affiliate link; it’s possible I could make a small commission on my favorite sheets)

Picture and reviews comparison of Boll & Branch 100% organic cotton sheets vs Magnolia Organics organic cotton sheets from

It’s very difficult to make a picture of new sheets look good! Here is a comparison of Boll & Branch 100% organic cotton sheets vs Magnolia Organics organic cotton sheets from

I will warn you: if you aren’t used to them you may find the Magnolia Organics organic bedding and pillow cases to be quite stiff and thick – some have described them on Amazon reviews as being almost as thick as a pair of khaki pants. But I love them. And they get a “fine” review from my husband (which is pretty good because he doesn’t care about sheets at all).

Fine – a classic male response.

Organic Sheets Packaging

Boll and Branch really likes to make a production – the organic sheets and pillowcases arrived wrap in organic cotton envelopes within a nice white box complete with ribbon.

Magnolia Organics is a little less frills – although they are also wrapped in a cotton envelope – which I much prefer to the plastic packaging most sheets have come in in the past.

Overall, I would say try Magnolia Organics first to see if they work for you. However, If you love super duper almost slimy soft sheets, then Boll & Branch won’t disappoint.


  • mike fitzpatrick
    December 22, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Interesting that you say Magnolia Organics felt better. Boll and Branch are manufactured by Paramount Textiles in India, the same company that sells at half the price of Boll and Branch. Paramount sells online as Green Farmer brand, but they won’t disclose their GOTS registration number because they try to hide that they are selling directly to consumers to try to avoid angering their wholesale customers, like Boll and Branch.

  • Rhonda
    September 2, 2021 at 7:18 am

    I agree with everything you said. I love my magnolia organic estate sheets but got a new bed that is a split king. I too tried boll & branch & was not impressed. Any thoughts on something similar to magnolia organic estate?


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