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Mindful Dental Care: The Best Natural Toothpaste and Sustainable Toothbrush Reviews

Reviews and pictures of the best natural toothpaste and sustainable toothbrush reviews: My favorites on David's premium natural toothpaste, Himalaya neem toothpaste and preserve toothbrushes.

I’ve been trying to “detoxify” (eek I hate that word but I think it’s best way to describe it) my household, the foods I eat and products I use for the past 5 years or so. And I’ve been working to optimize my health looong before that. Generally speaking, every few weeks I’ll choose another area I haven’t tackled yet and work to find healthier options. For the most part I have been replacing products and foods based on the products and foods I eat the most of. But about this time last year I was brushing my teeth one morning and realized: I brush my teeth several times a day, how have I not explored better natural dental health options until now?

Honest Company Natural Toothpaste Review

This seemed like the easiest way to start my natural toothpaste switch- this brand is readily available in many stores and maybe precisely because they are sometimes seen to be greenwashing makes it a great transitional brand (some natural-ness but not completely). I had also read Jessica Alba’s book “The Honest Life” a few years prior. Though I don’t remember it being terribly memorable, I did recall that I liked it and I shared some similar philosophies.

Because this was the first natural toothpaste I tried (well maybe I had picked up a travel size Tom’s or Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste a time or two before), I didn’t really know what a good one was.

At this point I wasn’t even thinking about fluoride or ingredients too much: I was just focused on finding a better, more natural version of what I had been using. And if it tasted less gross and artificial, then great!

This fluoride free toothpaste uses natural mint flavoring, baking soda and other organic ingredients which I liked. But I wouldn’t say it leaves my mouth feeling particularly fresh.

Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Natural Toothpaste Review

Unhappy with Honest Company natural toothpaste, I picked up Himalaya Botanique Original Neem and Pomegranate Toothpaste (I want to try the whitening next). Whoa. I immediately loved this natural toothpaste. My mouth felt noticeably fresher than the Honest Company toothpaste and I got the feeling my husband felt it worked better 🙂

As I was transitioning to natural toothpaste, I was still sometimes using our Sensodyne toothpaste (my husband is also very into dental care so he wants to make sure we are taking good care of our enamel). I started to notice over time, however, that my TMJ was noticeably better on the days I used the Himalya natural toothpaste vs regular Sensodyne toothpaste. I’m using exclusively natural toothpaste now, and I absolutely believe it has contributed to my 100% reduction of TMJ and chronic muscle tension.

Do I have any scientific evidence to back up my experience of TMJ being reduced in part to natural toothpaste? Nope. Not at all. Do I have very strong feelings against fluoride? Not really. I have’t had the time or energy to looking into “fluoride poisoning” etc, and even if I did I would just focus on what I can do about it – and I’m already using natural toothpaste so that’s a good start. Did my dentist and dental hygienist think my teeth were in great shape even when I was using fluoride free toothpaste? Yep! Did I turn down the fluoride shot option at my last dental appointment? No. Did I think about it? Yes. If my dental hygienist asked me to reconsider using fluoride toothpaste, would I? Possibly, but only in moderation and not all the time. 

David’s Premium Natural and Vegan Toothpaste Review

I was so into this Himalaya Neem natural toothpaste that I would hoard small travel-size versions so I could travel and never be without my favorite toothpaste. I was totally set to use this toothpaste for life until I received my January 2017 Glowing Beets natural beauty subscription box.

On a whim I tried the David’s premium natural toothpaste from the monthly beauty box and now I’M HOOKED! It leaves my mouth feeling incredibly fresh. Both David’s and Himalaya brand toothpastes are fluoride-free and sulfate-free. David’s premium natural toothpaste is also mostly made from US sourced ingredients (if you are into that). It’s cruelty free and vegan too! I love that it doesn’t include any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

You can REALLY taste the natural mint oil variations in this natural toothpaste. I would recommend switching to this awesome natural toothpaste for the taste alone – but be warned: you will gag if you try to use regular Crest or Colgate gel toothpaste again because of the artificial taste difference.

Preserve Recycled Yogurt Cup Toothbrush Review

I’m trying to care more about the environment, but I selfishly focus on buying products that benefit my health most first, and then it’s a bonus if I find out they are better for the environment. This recycled toothbrush however, was an exception. I was very intrigued about its recycled nature. It was only well after I had used these and started using natural toothpaste that I considered I should care about my toothbrushes too.

These toothbrushes are comfortable, a great size and have bristle options too. I use ultra-soft as recommended by my dental hygienist over the years (but sometimes ultra-soft  is harder to find). My husband likes them because of the color variety and it helps us to not mix up our brushes.

These Made-in-the-USA toothbrushes are also constructed with BPA free plastic 🙂

Bamboo Toothbrushes Reviews

Even though Preserve recycled toothbrushes are made from BPA free plastic, I was still interested in trying non-plastic toothbrushes. I’ve picked up a few different bamboo based toothbrushes over time from Whole Foods and of course

I’ve tried WooBamboo, Brush with Bamboo and The Green Root biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. All are fine – I don’t really have strong opinions on one vs another. But overall, the bristle selection is not as strong as with plastic toothbrushes. I’m having trouble finding a “soft” bristle bamboo toothbrush that is actually soft.

We’re also trying out some natural floss too – I’ll report back soon (my gums have been very sore however throughout pregnancy so I’m not flossing as much as I should 🙁 )

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