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Spindrift Seltzer: Infinity Times Better than La Croix Sparkling Water

Pictures and reviews of Spindrift seltzer and La Croix sparkling water in Apricot

Blasphemous, I know. And no this isn’t click-bait. Spindrift seltzer really is better tasting and more flavorful than LaCroix.

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the popularity of sparkling and seltzer water rising in recent years. I first got hooked about 8 years ago when friends came in town and purchased some of the seemingly unnoticeable pink Cran-Raspberry package of La Croix from the bottom shelf in the soda aisle of my local grocery story (I still miss good ole Harris Teeter sometimes). It tasted refreshing like Fresca, but without the icky after taste and bad feelings from artificial sweeteners.

Sorry Skittles, but you can really taste the rainbow with La Croix flavor varieties (update: Paste magazine ranked all LaCroix flavors). The hardest part about being a LaCroix soda water lover? Flavor options vary by store! I found a palate of orange flavored La Croix at Ralph’s when we first moved to San Diego a few years ago. I thought I was in heaven. The orange flavor was way less boring than the lime flavor I could get at Von’s. But when it ran out (in like a week!), I couldn’t find the orange flavor anywhere local for a year!

Sometimes I’ve been known to go specifically to…wait for it…Target..just to get La Croix peach-pear or coconut flavored sparkling water. When my friend Tyler introduced me to the Apricot flavor, I developed a whole new level of mental fortitude. Not only would I schlep to Target and face my fears of scents and crowds, but sometimes they would be out of the apricot flavor! And my whole trip was for nothing! (well let’s face it I’m sure I picked up another Acure organics product on my way out).

I’ve loved the flavor variety of La Croix, but too be honest, I much prefer the small-bubble texture of Perrier and Pellegrino sparking water. I also much prefer the glass bottles of these french versions.

Many consumers like myself are finding these sparkling waters are a healthier way to get our bubble fix – without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. How much did the growing prevalence and popularity of La Croix and other sparkling waters contribute to a 25% decline in soda consumption in 16 years and pivot in market investment strategy for Coke and Pepsi? They certainly didn’t help these behemoth’s main bread and butter!

La Croix and sparkling water was a huge tactic in my cold-turkey Diet Coke avoidance strategy. I didn’t miss the caffeine from Diet Coke but I did miss the bubbles! But like my acupuncturist would caution: sparkling water is not a strong hydration strategy (also not good for bloat!). Sure enough. drinking even more regular water – or water spiked with organic coconut water – is what really helped me to feel hydrated and be able to say “no” to Diet Coke for almost 2 years.

I was content to be a LaCroix drinker for life until I picked up a 4 pack of lemon flavor Spindrift Seltzer from Trader Joe’s at the beginning of the year. Holy moly this effervescent elixir is refreshing!!! It really tastes like fresh lemon squeezed into seltzer (because it is!). The lemon flavor is outstanding and easy to find. I got myself a bit hooked on the cucumber flavor after I found it at Brentwood Country Mart (no Reese Witherspoon sighting but as least I found a new Spindrift flavor 🙁 ).

Pictures and reviews of Spindrift seltzer and La Croix sparkling water in Apricot

So in love with Spindrift sparkling water! It’s even better than my beloved La Croix Apricot seltzer.

Now the obvious option would be to find your favorite sparkling water texture (small or large fizzy bubble ratio) and add fresh squeezed fruit to it. But that would be a little too obvious for me 🙂 and not as convenient as a grab-and-go fresh flavored seltzer can.

I’ve had a bit of a surprising dehydration issue the past few summers that I’m determined not to replicate (I have to think about more than myself in this body now!) so I’m trying not to be too addicted to Spindrift, but I certainly don’t say “no” when my sweet husband offers to travel to the inconveniently located store that has most Spindrift seltzer flavors in town 😉

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