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Blue Tansy Blues: How a Scent-sitive Girl Handles Josh Rosebrook, May Lindstrom & Scented Organic Skin Care

Pictures and reviews of Josh Rosebrook beauty heroes box, May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Herbivore blue tansy mask, lapis oil and Sunday Riley luna sleeping night oil with blue tansy.

I couldn’t wait to get home from work 3 Thursdays ago. Obviously I was excited to hug and kiss my fur baby and my handsome hubs, but I was also selfishly excited about my latest shipment from the Detox Market. I knew in that utilitarian (probably?) recycled cardboard package waiting for me was a sample of Josh Rosebrook’s advanced hydration mask. Most days my skin is as thirsty as I am, so I get my hands on any hydrating mask I can.

I tore open the small canvas drawstring pouch to find my sample pot of the latest organic face mask, only stop abruptly with one peak: the color blue. A very mild blue tint which likely meant…blue tansy was a going to be a key ingredient of this luxury skin care wonder. As I opened the little hinged sample my suspicions were confirmed.

If only “organic” meant “non irritating”. If only “organic” meant “safe for sensitive skin” or non-aggravating to the scent-averse gals like me. I so appreciate that essential oils are very relaxing to many and have beneficial properties to help people, but not all natural plant-based ingredients agree with me. Generally speaking, I can’t handle most rose, lavender, geranium and peppermint (well except for in my David’s natural toothpaste) scents or essentials oils. Blue tansy has been a new addition to the list in the past year. It’s such a strong scent. But it’s in so many seemingly great products…surely I can find a way to get used to it?

I love unscented skin care like Drunk Elephant (and don’t even get me started on artificial fragrances and “parfum”)

Updated December 2017 to include Beauty Heroes December 2017 Khus + Khus box review

Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask and Lapis Face Oil Reviews

I love that Sephora carries more natural and organic skin care lines now. I’m embarrassed to admit (but always honest here!) that I renewed my VIB Rouge status…through 2018….months ago. Always on the lookout for a good non-toxic resurfacing mask, I got a sample of Herbivore’s Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask. The willow bark and papaya held a lot of promise to help me tackle my dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation more naturally. I didn’t mind the texture, but I couldn’t get past the scent of the blue tansy. This was my first intro to this floral oil, so I thought innocently it was just this one product – no big deal.

A short while afterwards I was in the market for another face oil, and on my next trip to Sephora I picked up a sample of Herbivore’s Lapis Face Oil. I should have learned my lesson with Blue Tansy mask incident (and the fact that I’m the only person on the plant who doesn’t love Herbivore’s coco rose body polish), but I totally thought I could handle this azulene rich oil.

I remained optimistic and applied the Lapis oil at night after using my favorite organic brightening scrub from Acure. I still can’t decide which natural skin care product made it the most difficult for me to fall asleep: this Herbivore cult favorite or Tata Harper organic cleansing oil. To be fair the jasmine and rose oil in the Lapis face oil didn’t help the heaviness of the scent. I’m also still undecided on whether Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil or Herbivore’s Lapis oil has the stronger blue tansy aroma – I would recommend steering clear of both.

Long story short, if you are sensitive to any type of scent, I would caution you before trying Herbivore skin care, and especially any of their blue tansy products.

July Beauty Heroes Josh Rosebrook Box: Vital Balm Cream and Nutrient Day Cream Review

Pictures and reviews of Josh Rosebrook beauty heroes box, May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Herbivore blue tansy mask, lapis oil and Sunday Riley luna sleeping night oil with blue tansy.

I’m very sensitive to scents, but I love organic skin care and believe it or not, most are not scent free – many contain essential oils. Blue tansy is becoming more popular, but it’s such a strong scent and very stressful for people like me who prefer unscented products. This Josh Rosebrook organic skin care line is amazing though, and the blue tansy is tolerable.

I was super pumped (as always) to get my latest Beauty Heroes natural skin care subscription box the other week. My enthusiasm dampened when I discovered: more Josh Rosebrook. Could I handle more blue tansy? I had been hearing such great things about his line (if by “hearing” you understand I mean Instagram and Detox Market) so I’m committed to to giving this organic skin care line a thorough test.

I wear lots of sunblock every day so I’m always excited to add new non-toxic sun care to my arsenal. Josh Rosebrook’s nutrient day cream is very nourishing and the right texture to wear under makeup. The natural scents lingered a bit more than I like but I will still continue to use it. It’s similar in texture to my Josie Maran argan SPF lotion.

The real shining star of the box – and worth tolerating blue tansy for – is the Josh Rosebrook vital balm cream. I somehow managed to get sunburned Saturday and this organic cream has been a lifesaver! It’s incredibly soothing and the best part: the blue tansy scent dissipated after 10 minutes. If you are sensitive to scents and fragrances, trust me, you can handle Josh Rosebrook’s organic skin care blends. I definitely can’t wait to try more of this products! I love his thoughtful blog posts too.


Update: Beauty Heroes December 2017 Box: Khus + Khus Sans Age and Bleu Body Wax with Blue Tansy Review

Beauty Heroes featured 2 blue tansy heavy brands this year! I was hopeful but skeptical of the December 2017 box with Khus +Khus Modern Herbal Fusion vegan and non-gmo skincare. Both organic skin care formulas contain baobab, marula oil (both of which I love ) and blue tansy. Blue tansy has such a unique scent – it’s difficult to describe. At first I thought this serum and wax were less blue tansy-y than Josh Rosebrook vital cream balm, but actually its the reverse!

Beauty Heroes December 2017 organic beauty box featuring Khus Khus blue tansy based Sans Age serum and Bleu body wax

Beauty Heroes December 2017 organic beauty box featuring Khus Khus blue tansy based Sans Age serum and Bleu body wax

For the record, both products are lovely – albeit a little oily feeling – but not for you if you are remotely sensitive to scents. With the addition of monoi de tahiti, the Khus Khus Bleau body wax smells like an exotic scented Gain laundry detergent. I’m sure the Sans Age serum has wonderful skin effects – and it does smell fresh and uplifting – but still so strong for me. I’m a good friend to have 🙂 – I love to pass along wonderful but too scenty products to other skin care loving friends.


I’m hoping my exposure to Josh Rosebrook’s organic skin care line will give me the confidence to save up for and buy the holy grail: May Lindstrom the Blue Cocoon. I got a sample of this miracle balm in April at the Detox Market in Santa Monica and quickly fell in love with its heavenly melting butter texture. This concentration of blue tansy is also much more tolerable than Herbivore’s. I think in a few months I will be able to de-sensitize myself a bit more to high quality blue tansy oils. I wouldn’t recommend frequently learning to tolerate irritating forces in your life, but if I’m going to continue my obsession with natural and organic skin care, I’m willing to put in the work to get used to certain essential oils. I’m finally to a point where I can use Maya Chia Super Couple most days, which is great because I think it’s really helped with my upper lip melasma and dark spot improvement.


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