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Saffron and Sage Yoga Review – A San Diego Sanctuary

Saffron & Sage San Diego Wellness Boutique inside the yoga and wellness studio

As a toddler mom, I need all the moments of zen I can get 🙂 . And I’m so thankful to have a supportive husband who ensures I have the time and resources to maintain my mental health as a first-time mom, and full time working mom.

It can be hard to find time, place and activity that nurtures my mental and physical health that don’t take me too far from home or too far away from my cute lil guy. I try to be active and workout, but I also need a time and space to zen-out.

One of my most favorite relaxing places in the world is Rancho Valencia spa in Rancho Santa Fe in north county San Diego. But it ss far away from my home and pretty expensive. It’s just not feasible to get there regularly.

Picture of the beautiful Rancho Valencia Spa in Rancho Sante Fe near San Diego. We had a mini "babymoon" afternoon here getting massages and I loved their blueberry muffin and snacks in the relaxation room
Picture of the beautiful Rancho Valencia Spa in Rancho Sante Fe near San Diego. We had a mini “babymoon” afternoon here getting massages and I loved their blueberry muffin and snacks in the relaxation room

I have a fantastic acupuncturist that I love (and if you haven’t tried it, acupuncture is incredibly relaxing!) but she is also not as close to my home as I would like.

And we’re so lucky in San Diego – there are so many wonderful opportunities – indoor and outside – for workouts and yoga. But it’s so hard to find studios that have good time for working women and moms. My biggest pet peeve is feeling rushed to make it to a yoga class or try to find parking.

I’ve been so blessed to find Saffron & Sage wellness studio over the past few months. It’s so nice to have “something” that I can turn to after a long or great day that I know will help me feel better.

Top 5 Reasons Why I love Saffron & Sage San Diego

  1. Soundbath healing – O to the M G. I’m blown away every time I go. I have never been more relaxed or slept better in my life. And in person is sooo much better than YouTube! If you haven’t tried soundbath meditations yet, you should!
  2. Actually achievable class times! – I can’t believe they actually have schedules that accommodate working adults and moms! There are 2 options for some type of movement for me on weekday evenings. And the Sunday morning options like Yoga Nidra are the perfect way to end a week. I do wish however that the Sunday soundbath meditation was a bit earlier.
  3. Membership Savings – Saffron and Sage memberships are awesome! For the price of a luxury massage at many spas I got my choice of several 60 minute treatments AND 4 classes. Miss a class or 2? They roll over into the next month! Prices just went up for the new year (glad I locked in before) but they are still worth it 🙂
  4. A well-appointed mini wellness boutique – I’m in a beauty no-buy for a few more weeks otherwise I would have already purchased their skincare collection! They also have beautiful jewelry, crystals, Sun Potion, books, nail polish, essential oils, Primally Pure deodorant and Lily Lolo Cosmetics 🙂 – the perfect pick me ups to accompany your spiritual journies
  5. Extremely helpful staff – everyone is so warm, welcoming, calming and knowledgable. Everyone is focused on making sure you feel relaxed and nurtured. I’ve rarely met so many members of the same team who are so aligned and even-keeled. I got to another massage spa about 2 miles away and the vibes are very different or should I say it varies drastically between practitioners and staff.
  6. The treatment selectionWould you like a massage? Or cupping? Or both! Or acupuncture and massage? Or just need to talk it out and get some energy healing? They have that too. The practitioners are so accommodating and can craft you a bespoke experience to meet your needs. I personally love cupping but it can be intense your first time! I also tried facial cupping too – and now I’m addicted 🙂

I hope my glowy review doesn’t seem disingenuous – this is not a sponsored post – I just freakin’ love this place and the safe, calm and serene space they’ve created. And the chill vibes they create – consistently. This mama is here for it!

Saffron & Sage Yoga Studio Schedule - San Diego Wellness Club
Saffron & Sage is a wonderful wellness sanctuary in San Diego near Little Italy, Downtown and Balboa Park.

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