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Beauty Heroes Feb 2018 Box and FitGlow Organic Mascara, Skin Care & Makeup

FitGlow beauty organic skin care featured in the February 2018 Beauty Heroes organic beauty monthly subscription box. I also reviewed my FitGlow makeup - vegan mascara, lip colour serum in "Nude" and mineral talc-free blush.

I first started using Canada’s vegan, cruelty and organic skin care and makeup brand FitGlow last year when I received the Super C cream in a Glowing Beets monthly subscription box. Since Beauty Heroes just featured two FitGlow skin care staples in their February 2018 monthly box I wanted to recap my experience across the brand’s products.

NEW FitGlow Vegan Good Lash Mascara Review

For $38, I was expecting this organic and cruelty free mascara to be great since that’s more than what I paid for my previous favorite designer mascara (Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll). The honest truth: this FitGlow mascara is pretty darn good for a natural mascara. Definitely one of the best I tried. It’s non-irritating and possibly nourishing and strengthening as they suggest. I use good quality makeup and don’t use mascara every day so my lashes are already in good shape; it’s difficult for me to tell if conditioning properties in mascara are really working.

This vegan mascara lasts pretty long throughout the day, however there is always a bit of smudging after a few hours. I also think the high impact brush may actually be TOO big; or perhaps it should be longer since part of the applicator is so thick — it’s very very easy to get mascara onto my eyelid when I apply the gluten-free formula to my top lashes.

NEW FitGlow Lip Colour Serum Review

I’ve been using this lip serum / high-pigmented gloss / lipstick since the fall in the color “Nude”. Like the mascara this natural lipstick and serum is pricey at $42 and I’m still trying to decide how “worth it” it is. It is very similar in consistency to Butter London Lippy lipstick and they both have added vanilla – I would prefer neither had it added and I like the vanilla in the FitGlow lip colour serum least.

I do appreciate that this lip serum is gluten-free, cruelty free, organic and toxin free. I haven’t paid enough attention to the texture of my lips and I don’t have to worry about lip lines yet, so I can’t say how helpful the collagen in the serum is, but it certainly can’t hurt! My lips feel great hours after wear the serum. It lasts fairly long for not being a drying long-wearing matte lipstick.

If you don’t have any lip issues you are concerned about and price is more of a pain point for you, I would suggest opting for a Butter London lippy lipstick instead. I love “Dahling”.

FitGlow Beauty Mineral Check Blush in “Cheeky” Review

I’ve truly enjoyed wearing their triple-milled talc-free and Jojoba seed oil infused blush. They don’t seem to carry the color “cheeky” anymore but I will definitely be trying their other colors. This concentrated powder formula is very matte but glowy and lasts hours which is impressive! And it’s talc-free so non-irritating for me!

FitGlow Beauty Eye Bright Review

I bought the FitGlow organic, cruelty-free and gluten-free eye bright yellow concealer on a whim because I’m always looking for a way to make my eyes look brighter and less tired. The yellow tint does ok for camouflaging my dark circles but is even better as an eyelid primer. The formula is a bit dry already; I would prefer if it were a bit more creamy. Not sure I would categorize this as a “must have”.

FitGlow Vita-Active Organic Foundation Review

I’m still using this natural foundation with a mouse-like texture. It dries almost into a powdery finish. I wish it came in more colors but VF2 is my closest match and it’s talc-free. Read more about my FitGlow brightening foundation experience.

Swatches of FitGlow organic, vegan and cruelty free makeup - lip colour serum, vita active foundation, blush and vegan good lash mascara

Swatches of FitGlow organic, vegan and cruelty free makeup. I’m a fan of their lip colour serum and foundation.

FitGlow Cloud Comfort Cream Review from Beauty Heroes Box

I love a good face cream so I was eager to try this (even though I’m spoiled right now from Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide cream). I was definitely dismayed by its aroma at first – very sweet, almost like honeysuckle – and unfortunately it sticks around too long for my taste. The cream does leave a delightful, highly absorbable and soft texture thanks to cloudberry seed oil, chia extracts (I love chia based skin care) and vegan hyaluronic acid. It’s difficult for me to recommend this cream right now from the scent in its ingredients and because I’m loving DE’s Protini so much. Unfortunately I don’t believe this cream is $84 good for my skin.

I was surprised to read on the cream’s label that it can remove dirt, makeup and mascara – it did actually work to take off mascara when massaged with a wash cloth.

FitGlow Redness Rescue Cream (RRC) Review from Beauty Heroes Box

I don’t normally have an issue with redness so not sure how beneficial this cream will be for me. I’ve been testing it as a primer. It has a similar whipped texture to the Vita Active foundation. It does indeed have a slight green tint to cancel out redness, but it is also accompanied by an interesting scent. FitGlow doesn’t add scents rather but some of their ingredients are very fragrant which doesn’t agree with me. It has a Think Dirty score of 0 which is awesome, but ultimately I will be passing this along to a friend who may receive more benefits from this than me.

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