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Natural Non-Toxic Hawaiian and Tropical Inspired Skin Care: Honua, Mahalo, Teri Miyahira and More

Pictures and reviews of non-toxic and organic tropical and Hawaiian Skin Care from Honua, Mahalo, Teri Miyahira, Kopari, Herbivore and Alaffia

It may technically be fall, but I have enough tropical inspired skin care products to feel like it’s summer all year long! (also easy to feel that way in San Diego)

Honua Hawaiian Exfoliating Beauty Water Review

I haven’t been using this too much during pregnancy since it contains willow bark, a natural beta hydroxy acid but I’m looking forward to using this more in the future. It’s slightly too rosy for me, but I can handle it. It’s not far off from Amika brightening essence. This refreshing beauty water was featured in my July Art of Organics beauty box and should be layered after cleanser and before the following Honua products…

Honua Hawaiian Skincare Organic Aloha Youth Serum Review

This fragrant tropical serum was the feature of my June 2017 Beauty Heroes beauty subscription box. I really like the fast-absorbing texture of this non-toxic, cruelty free and non-gmo youth serum, but the natural scent is a bit strong for my taste. I’m trying to get passed the scent and use this serum however as it contains some brightening powerhouses: noni and turmeric. Miranda Kerr loves noni so much she drinks it in addition to including it in her Kora organics line. Her skin is flawless so I’ll try anything she does! But to me, the Ylang Ylang in conjunction with the rose (I could do without both 🙁 ) and hibiscus makes this serum scent overpowering.

Honua Hawaiian Skincare Olena Beauty Oil Review

This non-toxic beauty oil is the June 2017 beauty heroes sidekick to the Aloha Youth Serum. I’m beauty oil rich right now, so it takes a lot for an additional oil in my collection to win me over. I’m really trying to make this work because of the antioxidant rich turmeric and cacao – and the precious noni. I would describe the natural scent as strong and earthy – but I’m not sure why…maybe the turmeric? Possibly the chia (see my review on organic chia face oils).

Speaking of cacao, the Mahalo The Bean mask has been a favorite of mine this year…read more about non-toxic cacao face masks.

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Face Toner with Coconut Water Review

I used to love this mild face toner, but the more removed I am from synthetic fragrances, the more I still find myself sensitive to added but non-synthetic fragrances. This vegan, soy free, gluten free, non-gmo and animal testing free natural face mist is refreshing, but the added coconut scent sticks around a little bit too long. I’ve used this in the past like a priming spray before applying making and a setting spray after foundation and makeup. Like many Alaffia products it contains neem; this formula also contains papaya, coconut water, and the scent comes from coconut “aromatic extract”.

Alaffia products are fair trade and easily found at Whole Foods Market. I like to try their products because they also support empowerment projects in Africa.

Other tropical skin care concoctions:

  • Teri Miyahira Reset Hydrating Fruit Enzyme Mask & Exfoliant  – I mostly get makeup in my Teri Miyahira beauty boxes so I was excited to receive this natural enzyme face mask a few months ago. This gentle banana-scented pineapple infused mask leaves my skin feeling soft and not-dry. Looking forward to trying more of her skin care!
  • Herbivore Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist – Meh….this is really just ok. It just doesn’t do much for my thick hair.
  • Kopari Coconut Melt – I picked this up at a whim in the checkout line in Sephora. This is a really nice beauty-grade coconut oil, and a less expensive replacement for my RMS beauty coconut oil.

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